This week, Canada’s French-speaking communities take the spotlight as the country celebrates Semaine de l’immigration francophone / Francophone Immigration Week. This is the first time such a week has been celebrated nationwide.

Canada is home to over 7 million native French speakers. The country is officially bilingual, and government services are provided in both French and English. While the province of Quebec is home to the majority of the country’s French speakers, as well as Montreal, the second largest French-speaking city in the world, several other provinces have significant French populations. These include Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Yukon Territory, which list French as an official language.

Semaine de l’immigration francophone is highlighting francophone immigration across the country, with over 100 activities planned over the course of this week. These include workshops, discussions and artistic events such as gallery openings and film screenings.

More information on this week can be found here (French only):