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Canada lifts all COVID-19 travel restrictions

Kareem El-Assal - 01 October, 2022

Pexels jamal yahyayev 3671394
Pexels jamal yahyayev 3671394

Effective October 1, 2022, all travellers will no longer face COVID-19 measures when entering Canada.

Travellers of all nationalities no longer need to:

This marks the end of COVID-19 travel measures that had been in place since the start of the pandemic in March 2020. During this period, Canada had a host of policies that had varying degrees of travel restrictions on foreign nationals seeking to enter the country. 

The Canadian government announced that it was now in place to lift the measures due to the pandemic being under greater control in Canada thanks to its vaccination campaign, among other measures.

This year has seen a significant lifting of COVID-19 restrictions across all of Canada. In addition to travel restrictions being lifted, provinces and territories across Canada have gradually lifted mask mandates and social distancing requirements throughout 2022.

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