The city of Calgary, in the Canadian province of Alberta, has made the New York Times’ list of must-see destinations for 2014.

“Flush with oil money, Calgary has morphed from ho-hum city on the prairie to a cultural hub, with offerings far beyond the Stampede, the annual rodeo and festival,” said the publication.

Located in the Province of Alberta, Calgary is the fifth-largest metropolitan area in Canada. The city has seen rapid growth as immigrants and Canadians alike flock to the province to find work in its booming job market. The population boom has brought with it new and exciting cultural attractions have made the city one of western Canada’s most appealing metropolises.

This is not the first time Canada has made the New York Times’ list. In recent years, the country has had three locations mentioned by name. They are Whistler, British Columbia , Fogo Island, Newfoundland and Vancouver Island, British Columbia.