marriage39 individuals in Montreal were charged with participating in a fake marriage scheme. The goal of the scheme was the bring people to Canada by falsifying marriage to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Canadian law enforcement has pinpointed the main perpetrator of the marriage fraud. A statement issued by authorities states that:

“The investigation revealed that Mr. Amadou Niang, a bogus immigration consultant who is believe to be the mastermind behind this scheme, provided advice on how to submit misrepresented facts to Citizenship and Immigration Canada to individuals whose visas were due to expire.”

“Specifically, he organized fake marriages with the assistance of accomplices to allow these individuals originating in North Africa to remain in Canada. The network recruited young Canadian women in the Montreal area and arranged for them to participate in marriages of convenience in exchange for money.”

Committing marriage fraud is illegal and both Canadians and prospective immigrants are liable to face repercussions if a marriage of convenience is discovered. Genuine spouses or common-law partners of Canadian citizens or permanent residents are eligible to apply for sponsorship through Canada’s Family Class of immigration.