A new report from Statistics Canada showed that, in the past year, Alberta was responsible for 87 percent of new jobs created in Canada in the past year. In the past 12 months, a full 82,000 jobs were created, out of a national total of approximately 95,000.

“In the last 12 months, Alberta is the only province that’s seen meaningful growth,” said Doug Porter, the chief economist for the Bank of Montreal. “They’ve had job gains of nearly four per cent and meanwhile six provinces have seen declines and one’s been flat.”

In addition to creating jobs, the province has seen a steady increase in its workforce. A full 81,000 workers have taken up residence in the province in the past year. This growing workforce is largely fueled by immigration, as well as by Canadians moving to the province to work.

Alberta’s booming economy is due in large part to the province’s abundant natural resources. Professionals in fields such as engineering, mining, and construction are sought after in large numbers to keep up with industry growth. To support targeted immigration, the province oversees the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, which facilitates immigration for individuals with the skills and experience needed in Alberta.