Have you received an Express Entry ITA in Canada?

Last updated: 17 May 2021

Express Entry ITA in Canada for CEC Immigration candidates

Canada held a historic Express Entry draw on Saturday February 13, 2021 inviting 27,332 Canadian Experience Class candidates to apply for permanent residence.

Such individuals now have 90 days to submit their permanent residence application. The Campbell Cohen Law Firm is here to help you submit the strongest and most accurate application possible to the Canadian government so that you can successfully secure your permanent resident status.

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Do you want to know if you are eligible for Express Entry?

If you have yet to submit an Express Entry profile, the first step is to find out if you are eligible. Please complete CanadaVisa's assessment form so we can notify you whether you are eligible for Express Entry.

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Contact Campbell Cohen to Submit Your PR Application

Have you recently received an Express Entry ITA and currently reside in Canada during the coronavirus pandemic?

The Campbell Cohen Canadian Immigration Law Firm is here to assist you. You now have 90 days to submit your permanent residence application to IRCC. Campbell Cohen will harness its over 45 years of experience and team of over 60 immigration lawyers, paralegals, and other professionals to support your goal of securing Canadian permanent residence. 

We will:

  1. Review your current profile with a view to avoiding misrepresentation
  2. Guide you in collecting and preparing your supporting documents
  3. Maximize your chance of submitting your completed application before your invitation to apply expires
  4. Avoid mistakes that cause delays or refusals
  5. Assist you in submitting your application
  6. Access the Canadian visa officer notes on your case, as your legal representative in Canada
  7. Inform you when we receive updates
  8. Provide you with tools and resources to help you find work in Canada
  9. Be your voice to Canadian immigration authorities
  10. Treat you with the respect that you deserve...always

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