A personal interview may be scheduled at the discretion of immigration authorities in Canada. An interview is an important aspect of any application for permanent or temporary resident status.

Personal interviews may be conducted for various reasons, such as clarifying or verifying information in your application for federal immigration programs or Provincial Nomination Programs. 

Examples of other reasons why an interview may be conducted include:

  • To complete missing information.
  • To address concerns that the officer may have with respect to the accuracy of the information and/or documents submitted.
  • To audit the process of granting interview waivers.

During the interview, supporting documentation may be examined and the applicant may be asked to elaborate on information presented in the written application.

Under the three economic immigration classes of the federal Express Entry system, the selection criteria are objective. As a result, an immigration officer can often assess an applicant's qualifications based solely upon the information and documents submitted in support of the application. In such cases, the personal interview is generally waived. Submitting a complete application maximizes the chances of an interview waiver.

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