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Manitoba's very successful Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is proof that Manitoba is a destination of choice for those considering immigration to Canada.

Here we take a closer, in-depth look at the General stream, one of several streams under the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program each having its own eligibility requirements.

First, an eligible candidate is required to meet just one of the following criteria:

  • Previous full-time work experience in Manitoba (six months minimum)
  • Completed at least one academic year of education in Manitoba (not including language training programs)
  • A close relative in Manitoba who has signed an affidavit of support
  • Two friends or distant relatives in Manitoba who have each signed an affidavit of support*

*A candidate may apply with the support of members of a Manitoba ethnocultural community organization provided that they know the applicant personally and sign affidavits of support. This shows the applicant has family-like support to help adapt to a new life in Manitoba.

The Manitoba PNP General stream is for those who can demonstrate their ability and intention to successfully and permanently settle in Manitoba, provided they can meet one of the four above criteria and can be awarded enough points for each assessment factor to score at least 55 points in total (there are more than 100 points available).

Points are awarded according to five assessment factors:

  • Factor 1: Age

The maximum of 10 points is awarded if between the ages of 21 and 49.

  • Factor 2: Education and Training

Points are awarded based on documented proof of completed diplomas or degrees (maximum 20 points available).

  • Factor 3: Work Experience

Maximum 16 points available for up to 4 years of full-time work experience in the past 10 years.

  • Factor 4: Language Ability

Maximum 18 points available for proficiency in both English and French. Note that claiming points for English proficiency requires the candidate to submit IELTS test results.

  • Factor 5: Adaptability

Maximum 42 points available in three areas:

  • Social support: A candidate can either be awarded 12 points if a close relative in Manitoba is providing support or 5 points if friends or distant relatives in Manitoba provide family-like support. A candidate cannot be awarded points for both the close relative and the family-like support.
  • Previous education or work experience in Manitoba: Maximum 25 points for either 6 months of full-time work in Manitoba or at least 1 year of study in Manitoba.
  • Destination in Manitoba: If you can prove your destination is in a Manitoba region outside the city of Winnipeg, 5 points are available.

A candidate must have sufficient funds to pay Government of Canada immigration fees, cover travel expenses to Manitoba and all other expenses while looking for work.

Find out if you quality for this program by taking the free online eligibility assessment.

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