Ease Your Settlement In Canada

We recognize that obtaining a Canada Immigration Visa is only the first step in your journey to Canada. To help you establish yourself as a Canadian permanent resident, we will provide the following services to you.


Help you find a job

Even before you obtain your Canada Immigration (permanent resident) visa, you can get yourself a Canadian job. Indeed. obtaining a valid job offer in Canada may help you in the Canadian immigration process. Visit our free Canada Job Search Tool today to view thousands of available Canadian job postings in all areas of the country. As our client, we will contact those employers who express interest in hiring you and explain the process of hiring talent from abroad. Not only will finding this Canadian job help you to prepare for your life in Canada, it is also likely to get you to Canada sooner. At Cohen Immigration Law, we know about Canadian employment. Visit our Work in Canada Zone for more information.


Prepare you for your arrival at a Canadian Port of Entry

Once you receive your Canada immigration visa, you will have to enter Canada within a specified period of time. You may be interviewed by a Canadian Immigration Visa Officer before you are permitted to enter Canada. We will advise you about the documents that you will need to have in your possession. We will prepare you for your interview at the Canadian Port of Entry.


Explain your Canadian residency obligations

You may lose your status as a Canadian permanent resident if you do not meet your residency obligations. We will advise you on the different methods of fulfilling your Canadian Residency Obligations.


Advise you on Canadian citizenship

Canadian citizenship is voluntary and you may be eligible for it after three (soon to be four) years of living in Canada with permanent resident status. There are many advantages to Canadian citizenship, and we provide extensive advice on the Canadian citizenship process.


There are many things you'll need to organize to set up your new life in Canada when you first arrive. These Landing in Canada Guides can help.

Once you get to Canada, you'll need to get a bank account, a driver's licence, and a social insurance number. You'll need to find a place to live, a school for your children, and you may need the services of immigrant-serving organizations.

Prepare for settlement in Canada. Take a look at the landing guide for the province/territory where you intend to reside: