Federal Skilled Worker is no longer the only way to go.

Both federal and provincial immigration programs have expanded significantly in recent times, offering candidates more than sixty different alternatives for immigration to Canada. This new reality in Canadian immigration is matched by the revamp of Canada's leading immigration website, Canadavisa.com. By submitting a Canadian immigration eligibility questionnaire on Canadavisa.com, an applicant’s candidacy will be assessed across all the Canada immigration options that currently exist.

The Campbell Cohen Law Firm has released a fresh new version of the Canadian immigration website, Canadavisa.com, now equipped to help determine which Canadian immigration category is best suited to an applicant’s particular needs.

The Canadian government offers an assessment form for eligibility under the Federal Skilled Worker category, and some of the provinces assess for their own provincial nominee immigration programs. Up until now, however, there has been no public or private eligibility questionnaire that evaluates qualifications against all Canadian immigration programs. Canadavisa.com's new online assessment questionnaire asks pointed questions to assess eligibility across all federal and provincial programs. There exist a great deal of Canadian immigration alternatives that qualified candidates may not have been aware of... until now.

Take your free online assessment today to see what Canadian immigrations options are available to you. While you are there, have a look through Canadavisa's new user-friendly orientation, grouped by Immigration to Canada, Business Immigration, Work in Canada, Immigration Problems, Study in Canada, Settlement in Canada, and Canadian Citizenship.

"At Campbell Cohen, we recognize that the immigration process is not just about submitting an application," says David Cohen, Senior Partner at the Campbell Cohen Canadian Immigration Law Firm. "Our website provides information and tools pertinent to the entire process, whether you're just starting to think about immigration to Canada or if you're ready for settlement and citizenship."

Recognizing that most new arrivals place a high importance on finding a fulfilling job in Canada, the Work in Canada section has also been re-tooled, offering targeted information for both international job-seekers and Canadian employers alike. A new Canada Resume Builder tool joins other Canadavisa career tools, such as the Canada Job Search Tool and the Salary Calculator.

"As immigration policy evolves, it's important to stay ahead of the curve," states Attorney Cohen. "We're seeing that immigration to Canada is becoming increasingly the responsibility of provincial governments, and we're encouraging clients to consider immigration through Quebec, the Provincial Nomination Programs and business immigration programs, among others, as alternatives to the Federal Skilled Worker program."

Attorney Cohen believes that such a comprehensive immigration assessment form will allow Campbell Cohen not only to assess a candidate’s eligibility, but to also help them choose the best route to a Canadian immigration (permanent resident) visa.

"My clients need to be made aware of all of their options so that we can decide together which will be the most effective Canadian immigration program, getting them to Canada as efficiently as possible."

Try out the new multi-program assessment form.