On April 13, 2004, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) implemented regulations to govern the activities of Canadian immigration representatives.

Only lawyers who are members in good standing of a Canadian Law Society, or consultants who are members of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants, are authorized by CIC to act as your Canadian immigration representative.

As a member in good standing of a Canadian Law Society, Attorney David Cohen is authorized by CIC to represent you.

To verify David Cohen's authority to represent you, please visit the following Canadian government web page at:


Once there, please scroll down to Barreau du Quebec and click on the link.

Then, in the page that appears, do the following:

1. Look for "Lawyers directory", a search box on the right side (you may need to switch the language of the page to English).

2. Enter Surname: Cohen

3. Enter 1st Name: David

4. Click on "Submit"

David Cohen's name will then appear, confirmed, on that same search page. Clicking on David Cohen's name will take you to our law firm's listing in the membership-directory. If you are unable to access that page, you may contact the Quebec Bar Association (Barreau du Quebec), directly by email at: information@barreau.qc.ca and request that David Cohen's membership be confirmed.

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