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Foreign individuals whose proposed activities are required in or beneficial to Canada -- regardless of the labor market conditions or unemployment rates in Canada -- do not need Employment Authorizations.

Examples include:

  • Diplomats, consular officers, officials and members of their suite
  • Military personnel
  • Clergy and related workers
  • Groups of 15 or more performing artists
  • Crew members of vehicles of foreign ownership and registry who are engaged predominantly in the international transport of cargo and passengers
  • News reporting personnel
  • Buyers of Canadian goods or services
  • Sellers of goods or services (provided that no sales are made to the general public) entering Canada for not more than 90 days
  • Exhibitors at conventions and meetings (provided that no sales are made to the general public)
  • Collectors and dealers/hobbyists (provided that no sales are made to the general public)
  • Corporation and union employees entering Canada for not more than 90 days for consultation, monitoring, negotiating, auditing and inspection purposes
  • Persons who come to Canada for the purpose of rendering services in times of emergency
  • Athletes
  • Judges/referees at international sporting or artistic events
  • Animal and agricultural show judges
  • Academic examiners and consultants
  • Guest speakers
  • Expert witnesses
  • Personal servants who will accompany their usual employer into Canada for a period of not more than 90 days
  • Individuals who come to work for a Federal or Provincial government on an exchange basis
  • Medical electives
  • Intra-company trainees, provided that the activities are primarily for the purposes of learning and not for the purpose of production (although some hands-on training is allowed)
  • Convention delegates/organizers
  • Individuals who have Student Authorizations and who, during the course of their full-time studies in Canada, are employed on the campus at which they are registered
  • Certain types of short-term business visitors