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Published: 22 juillet 2015

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To legally work in Canada, workers must be either citizens, permanent residents, or have obtained a work permit from the Canadian government.

Canada’s job market is wide open with many opportunities in numerous fields. For those who are not citizens or permanent residents, being able to work in Canada requires a job offer from a Canadian employer. There are several options for foreign workers. Some people will apply for temporary work permits and others will apply for permanent residence through the Skilled Worker category or Provincial Nomination, which will allow them the right to work in Canada.

One of the quickest ways to work in Canada is to obtain a temporary work permit for the Canadian position being offered. For some professions and occupations, the Canadian employer will have to prove that the position could not be filled by Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents. This approval comes from Human Resources and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to ensure that Canadian residents have fair access to employment. At the moment, there are many jobs considered in high demand because of labour shortages within Canada. For those able and qualified to fill high-demand jobs, the chances of obtaining work in Canada are much greater.

Obtaining a Canadian work permit has many other advantages beyond employment. Working in Canada legally allows for a chance at Permanent Residence en route to citizenship. Canada also has strict labour laws that protect workers from labour injustices. Members of the Canadian work force are under the protection of Canadian Labour Standards, which defend the rights of employees and ensure fair and equitable treatment regarding employment conditions. Considering the strength of the Canadian economy and the abundance of available jobs, wages are fair and in many cases generous compared to the wages and salaries for comparable work in other countries. With Canada's strong currency, wages earned from work in Canada can go even further.