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Inland Spousal Sponsorship - December 2018

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by haroonahmedalvi, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. That means you are able to link your PR application?
  2. Once you like application you should get AOR soon keep us posted
  3. as I said in previous posts, I did got AOR same day later after I linked my PR app.
    but still can't link my OWP.

    my timeline:
    App sent Nov 28.
    received Dec 3
    PR app linked Jan 24.
    AOR received Jan 24.
    OWP nothing
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  4. How do you link your PR...we don't have an UCI as my wife came on six month tourist visa. I am also wondering when health care comes? After the work permit? Thanks Everyone!
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  5. She should have UCI number on her visitor visa.
  6. Even if you don't have UCI you can try link your application.
    There are options. You can choose UCI and first name or first name, last name and date of birth.
    My application is received 5th Dec and no AOR yet.
    Also I can't link my applicaion with my UCI or other options.
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  7. Any update???
    AOR or link your application?
  8. Can you please let me know , what is the contact number to call them
  9. Call +1 888 242 2100 and then options 2 1 0 0
  10. I sent my application in Dec 13 and it was received on the 14th of Dec. No AOR yet. Anyone gotten any response for Dec?
  11. My application received on December 5th and I'm still waiting for AOR. I tried to link my application in many ways but was not successful ...
  12. Same here: application received December 3, and no AOR yet. It is also impossible to link the application of my spouse. I think there is only one person here who received an AOR thus far (Vivolino) so I would not be too worried. Ours are coming soon...
  13. Thanks, My wife came through an ETA country so we don't actually have a visa. I should have clarified. We still have nothing. Our application was received on December 03. Judging by others it should be coming soon though Hang in there everyone. good news should be coming soon.
  14. Suggestions?

    When I sent my PR app I sent an OWP app but I WAS out of status at the time I still have not received AOR but NOW have valid status. I was told to submit the OWP while I was out of status and explain of my situation of awaiting status restoration.

    Should I send another work permit application to arrive before the deadline now that I have my visitor status? Is it a risk if I think they haven't even gotten to my PR application and now I have my status when they open it?

    I hope this makes sense. I am fine paying the work permit fee again and sending a separate OWP application so it would be with a valid status at time of submission.

    Or will my original OWP(I said out of status but awaiting restoration) be processed normally now that I have my status.
  15. First thing first did you apply for PR application with open work permit application when you were out of status ... ? That means you applied after 6 months ... if so when did you apply ?

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