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Inland Spousal Sponsorship - December 2018

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by haroonahmedalvi, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. How did you link the application can you walk me through?
  2. How did you link the application can you walk me through? Thanks
  3. So how can we link our application without AOR Can you please explain? Thanks
  4. I was wondering the same apparently some people are able to link and they are able to get AOR in few days after linking the application
  5. There are options to link through first name, last name , UCI and last name etc. But it’s not working out for me though . Application received : dec 3
  6. Same problem who’s UCI number should I use ? Since my wife is here on temporary visitor visa and she has a UCI number
  7. Ideally it should be the principle applicant’s. My husband has been here on work permit and he also has a UCI. But that’s not working when I’m trying to link in gckey. Using first name/last name is also not working out . I tried searching in ECas using my credentials since I’m the sponsor, but that also is not returning results! So I’m really losing my mind here over whether our application will be returned or not :(
  8. The temp file number means - they have received it and working on your file. The AOR will follow once they consider your application complete. but due to backlog some applicants can link their file since theres a delay in sending out the AOR's. You just wouldn't know when.... so if you are not able to link the application that means they have not done their full review of your file yet
  9. When did you apply ? I think people who applied first week of dec are able to link their application...
  10. Update: sponsor got AOR this afternoon.

    I linked my application by using my UCI on study Permit. (PA’s information)
    - when you trying to link your application section Application details please select UCI and Family Name.
    - don’t forget section Other app info Number of fam members should be 2 (PA + sponsor) + number of dependants if you have.
  11. When did you apply for sponsorship? Do you know the date they received your application?
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    I sent it on Nov28 they received on Dec 3.

    Only problem still can’t link my OWP :(
  13. Hi! My spouse (from Finland) and I (Canadian citizen) applied November 28, and our application was received on December 3. My spouse is still not able to link his application and we did not receive an AOR yet. I hope we will receive some good news tomorrow. I'll keep you updated!
  14. Application received: January 10th 2019

    Do we get implied status while waiting for AOR or any response from them?
  15. for the secure link and gc key, would my consultant have this information? we used a consultant firm to send in our application in December

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