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Inland Spousal Sponsorship - December 2018

Feb 21, 2021
Hi guys need some advice, I'm a refugee who was refused and then appealed the decision and then got married to a Canadian who was my girlfriend before I got refused and then her family was very supportive and we decided to get married on our 1 year anniversary of being dating, we applied for spusal sponsorship and our application is almost complete waiting for the SA & AIP and the decision to be made and 4 weeks away from our time line. Now we received the appeal and they have refused me again and now they say I could send a aplication to the federal court but I was hoping I would have got my PR by then but this came before my spousal sponsorship been accepted, if i don't say yes to federal court they will send me a removal oder then what will happen can I still stay because I'm in the last few decision on our sponsorship aplication to be PR..?? I really appreciate if any thoughts.