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Inland Spousal Sponsorship - December 2018

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by haroonahmedalvi, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. All done! It's nice to have a sigh of relief walking out of the building.

    CoPR in hand and awaiting PR card
  2. Are we currently able to get Biometrics done in Canada?
  3. my bad! I was referring to RCMP fingerprint, not the biometrics! Thanks for highlighting!

    although i’m pretty sure that they may collect biometrics in Canada. But in our case, since the application was received before Jan 2019, we are still exempted from biometrics requirement.
  4. Lol. No worries. Thank you
  5. Hi just an update! I got both sides decision today!.. but no emails yet!. I hope this is it!
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  6. Hopefully this will be it for you! Congrats!.
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  7. How is yours?did you get aip?
  8. No not yet. Sponsor approved September 19 ; Cbsa called me last week and they interviewed me and my wife . They questioned me and my wife for about 20 minutes and officer issued me monthly report and i applied pre removal risk assessment so hopefully I'll get aip soon. We just had a baby yesterday and we're so happy! I can't wait for AIP to be more happier!
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  9. They interviewed both of you!. In my case my partner didnt interview just me. I feel you will be fine.. you got sponsor approved already..
  10. I mean cbsa officer asked questions mostly to me. He asked only few questions to my wife. Did you also apply pre removal risk assessment?
  11. No i didn’t apply because i said its not applicable in my situation my country is good for that option.. do you have lawyer when you have an interview? I dont have any lawyer but they asked to bring but i dont have to.
  12. No i don't have lawyer. Me and my wife did everything together. Cbsa officer was super nice. He explained our situation and brought the papers for prra so hopefully they will send aip soon.
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  13. Hi update! I got an email today my copr will be on oct 22
  14. Nice! You are almost done! Happy for you! Congrats!
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