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Inland Spousal Sponsorship - December 2018

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by haroonahmedalvi, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Good luck for tomorrow!.. and congratulation!.. no update yet here!.
  2. And I have my landing scheduled for Sept 30. I am a Dec 13 applicant. Good luck to people atill
  3. As we hadn't seen any status update since mid May, we called the CIC and spoke to an officer earlier this week. The officer informed us that the background check was completed (not sure when exactly) and criminality check was in progress.

    Yesterday, we received Eligibility Passed emails and today, I see a DM on the sponsor side (ECAS). Hopefully we're close to the finish line. :)
  4. Congrats! Could you please tell me what is the next update you received after the "DM on the sponsor side" and how long did take to get that update?
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  5. Hello Everyone,

    I just wanted to thank everyone who helped us through our PR process or as I like to call it PR Nightmare. LOL :p

    All your feedback, positive vibes, and conversions helped us through some rough times. I am so happy that my spouse is now PR holder and years to come will become a Canadian Citizen.

    Had our landing interview today it was super easy and the officer was very nice, she kept making jokes and was very funny and pleasant.

    They asked us for :

    Both passports
    Driver license ( to show same address)
    Confirmed our home address so they can send PR card.
    PR card pictures
    Landing interview letter

    She asked my spouse these following questions:

    Are you working?
    When was the last time you entered Canada?
    Have you been convicted of crime in Canada or anywhere in the world?

    And that was it. She said congratulations. We than walked over to the Service Canada in the same building and updated our SIN number to reflect as a PR holder SIN.

    Here is our time line:
    Application Received : 11 Dec 2018
    CBSA interview for spouse..................January 8 2019,
    Exclusion order given............................January 8 2019
    AOR : Feb 9 2019

    PRRA sent to IRCC...............................February 11, 2019
    MR : Feb 19 2019
    Medical done : 22 Feb 2019
    Medical Passed : Mar 4 2019
    AIP- March 6th 2019
    Police Certificate Req - March 6 2019
    Sent Police cert to Mexico City - March 13
    Work Permit sent - March 14
    Work Permit approved July 17, 2019
    Request for Valid (renewed) passport -July 20, 2019
    New Passport Photo Sent - Sept 6, 2019
    Decision Made - .Sept 13, 2019
    Landing Letter - .Sep 13, 2019
    Landing Interview - Sept 27, 2019
    PR Card: Waiting

    For those who followed our story it was pretty crazy. CBSA discovered my spouse was out of status and overstayed in Canada. And than the exclusion order and CBSA seized documents it has been a crazy few months. CBSA didn't make it easy for us. However because we submitted PRRA and than the PRRA officer called our immigration officer we got approved in principle within 3 months:) But with gods grace we where able to get through the process.

    Again thank you to everyone who reached out to us!! <3
  6. Congratulations!happy for you guys!
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  7. Congratulations! I’m really happy for you!!
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  8. Took a week for me to get landing date after DM
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  9. Congrats! Did you receive your PR card yet? we landed last week Sept 27. Just wondering the timeline to get PR card. online its says 15 days.
  10. Yes I did! The card was mailed within 10 days after the landing interview.
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    Strange that we received Landing interview invite today but still no DM. Compared to other’s timeline the interview invite is usually sent same day or after the DM. I guess every case is really different! Still happy with this news!!

    Dec 7 - PR and OWP submitted
    Dec 11 - PR received as per ecas
    Feb 8 - PR AOR
    Feb 10 - PR linked in GCkey
    Feb 13 - OWP returned in mail due to incomplete fees
    Feb 14 - OWP resubmitted
    Feb 16 - PR medical request
    Feb 18 - OWP received as per ecas
    Mar 7 - OWP linked in GCkey (no OWP AOR received in email)
    Mar 8 - PR medical passed
    May 7 - PR BGC started
    May 10 - PR additional docs and biometrics requested
    May 11 - PR additional docs submitted
    May 13 - PR biometrics done
    May 16 - OWP eligibility review started
    May 17 - OWP approved
    Sep 24 - EP
    Oct 1 - Landing Interview invite
    Oct 11 - Landing interview
    DM - ??
  12. Going into Vancouver for landing this late afternoon. I have all of my requested documents ready. This seems surreal! I am still nervous for no reason! I am traveling from Vancouver Island so hope the travel goes smooth. I will update when I am finished up.
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  13. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! This is awesome news!
  14. Thanks!

    I keep checking that I have my things in order making sure i did not forget anything. Lol its crazy. But i keep seeing it is a super easy appointment so I am trying to calm down!
  15. You'll be fine! It's mostly a formality!

    I say that, and I packed our documents last week and our landing interview isn't until the 9th...

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