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Inland Spousal Sponsorship - December 2018

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by haroonahmedalvi, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Thank you .. i’m soo excited for my landing interview i’ve been longing this for so long.. finally its coming... hope you got your as well soon.
  2. We are finally done and my spouse is now a PR! The officer who interviewed us was really kind and explained to us what we should do next like renewing SIN and ICBC enrollment. Good luck to everyone who are still waiting for news and happy thanksgiving! ;)

    Dec 7 - PR and OWP submitted
    Dec 11 - PR received as per ecas
    Feb 8 - PR AOR
    Feb 10 - PR linked in GCkey
    Feb 13 - OWP returned in mail due to incomplete fees
    Feb 14 - OWP resubmitted
    Feb 16 - PR medical request
    Feb 18 - OWP received as per ecas
    Mar 7 - OWP linked in GCkey (no OWP AOR received in email)
    Mar 8 - PR medical passed
    May 7 - PR BGC started
    May 10 - PR additional docs and biometrics requested
    May 11 - PR additional docs submitted
    May 13 - PR RCMP fingerprint done
    May 16 - OWP eligibility review started
    May 17 - OWP approved
    Sep 24 - EP
    Oct 1 - Landing Interview invite for Oct 11
    Oct 11 - COPR/ Decision Made
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  3. Did you received you pr card ye
    d you
  4. Send mine RCMP clearance letter on 18th of September. No update after that yet .
    Any update with anyone status ?
  5. Hello. My application was received on December 3... now i wait aha... anyone hear any news for their file?? I HOPE ALL OF US BEST OF LUCKS.
  6. Quick question guys.. mine was recieved on the 3rd of dec and it has not been returned. It was viewed but no aor right or my application was not returned. Does that me i handed in everything and it is all complete?? Thank you
  7. You should call IRCC call centre.
    Number 1-888-242-2100
    No aor in 10 months. Very strange.
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    Hi everyone! I have a question. I am currently sponsoring my wife. she already did medical and fingerprint. I checked the ecas recently and saw the status below. can someone tell me what the following means?

    In Process


    Decision Made
    we sent you correspondence on
    October 10, 2019
    about the decision.

  9. You should be receiving a landing appointment letter in your email this week. Decision made will come soon on applicant side. You can relax now, almost there!
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  10. Yes received the PR card 1 week later :)
  11. I received my PR card in the mail! It feels weird being done this whole process. It has been quite the journey with you guys. For those of you still waiting, I wish you a smooth and successful end of the process.

    I will be checking this thread/forum until the last of us 2018s are done!

    Status restoration App sent online - Nov 21, 2018
    Inland Spousal Sponsorship + OWP (Out of status) App Received by CPC - Dec 14th, 2018
    Second OWP received Jan 31st, 2019 (new one with valid status)
    PR Linked February 14th - (No email, only update on ECAS)
    MR - February 18th
    Medical Exams completed February 25
    Medical Submitted March 1st
    Medical Passed March 2nd
    Second OWP linked March 7th
    Second OWP reviewing eligibility April 29th, 2019
    Second OWP APPROVED April 30th, 2019
    OWP received in mail May 7th
    BGC started June 20th
    RCMP Fingerprint requested AND submitted July 31st
    Eligibility passed August 19th, 2019
    DM on PA side - August 26th
    FBI certificate requested August 19th, 2019, same hour as above.
    Sponsor Approved August 22nd
    Interview letter received Sept 5th
    Reschedule requedted.
    New appt received sept 25th
    Rescheduled to Oct 3rd.

    Landed October 3rd
    PR card in mail Oct 17
    Processing time from mailing in to PR card in hand = 10 months
    American citizen with 6+ years(with partner) in Canada with valid statuses and visas/ permits
  12. Hi all,
    Is there anyone from Dec 2018 who hasn't received DM?
  13. Yes, Dec 5 applicant. We only had sponsor approval so for. Bgc and eligibility stil going on. What about you?
  14. Dec 12th applicant. Got eligibility passed yesterday and my interview date
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  15. Congrats! You're almost there. You can take it easy.

    What's your country of origin?

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