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Inland Spousal Sponsorship - December 2018

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by haroonahmedalvi, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Hello everybody,
    December 3rd 2018 applicant estimated time is over but still no dm both side.
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  2. No updates yet, waiting for DM applicant side.
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  3. nothing yet. got SA 2 months ago but that was it.
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  4. Nope no update , Dec 21 applicant still in background check.
  5. Same here. Estimated time is over and still nothing.
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    I called the automatic call centre, far I know from my application status is:
    We are reviewing your Elegibility.
    You don't need finger print.
    You don't need a interview.
    We need additional documents.
    Your background is in progress.
  7. I’m a dec 6 and no update on either side. Automated system said no interview, no fingerprint, received addition docs in May, eligibility hasn’t started and background in process (since April) . Seems like a long wait for me
  8. M November 15 applicant still waiting. Stuck on background check since May
  9. They doing some very long background checks. I know a February applicant already done
  10. My sponsor got approval
    My residence was refused
    Reason, I applied as inland and then got a removal order and left. They’re saying I should reapply as Outland.
    So I guess I need to start acting before medical and such expires.
  11. You always have to make sure while your inland application is in progress,the principal applicant is living here legally. I applied this year and my wife has work permit till next year september, if im not getting enough update by june , i am going to ask for a visitor extension. if you haven't got a AIP (agreement in principal) and your applicant has expired status, they ll cancel and you have to apply as outland. It happened to a friend of mine, his wife had to go to Brazil and apply from there.
  12. Yeah I’m resubmitting now as medical is 1yr February
  13. Hi December 2018 Applicants! my common law spouse and I submitted an inland spousal sponsorship application earlier this month. However, we did not include a NOA or explanation letter. I was wondering if there is anyone that forgot to include this and did not get their application sent back. I’m prepared to get it back and just include the NOA and resend but I’ve heard it depends on the officer you get so I’m just curious. Thanks in advance
  14. check list clearly says:

    provide and oriignal letter from your employer stating your salary, employment, regular hours per week.

    or financial documents if you are self employed AND (big letters)

    your most recent NOA which must include your line 150,

    if not you must provide an explanation.

    if you havent given the mandatory NOA and also didn't provide explanation letter , high chance they ll come up saying missing docs.
  15. hey sorry for extra message, check this thread, looks like they returned due to not having the NOA


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