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Inland Spousal Sponsorship - December 2018

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by haroonahmedalvi, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. congratulations :)
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  2. 3 weeks , thats a long time, what was the next updates u got?
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  3. So nervous for my final interview this week :p I cant to have the PR card in hand :p. I checked online services and it said Decision made
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  4. I received an email confirming my request to change interview date and it was forwarded to officer on file. I received this a week ago and my previously scheduled appointment is today.

    This will be interesting to see how they handle this. Good thing I'm not rushing for my PR.
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  5. Update:

    Received new appointment email 1 hour before initial appointment! They rescheduled to one of the requested days
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  6. Any reason why your not rushing your PR?
  7. Are you still waiting for your PR card, ive seen a lot of other posts of people getting PR card in like 11 days.
  8. Does it say decision made on both sides?
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  9. Well I have my work permit and am busy with work/life and my gf is running her own business with my help.

    Not that I am letting it go forever but I was expected to be done December so any earlier is just nice. Plus this landing interview is such a hassle to its crazy.
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  10. I see. That makes sense. we are just in the rush to get PR because we never even got to go on a honeymoon
  11. It does indeed
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  12. I'm happy for you!
    I can't wait to be approved! It's been too long...
  13. Yes well I wish you the best! I mean mine was delayed a week so not that much longer for me.

    I hope we all get our cards soon too! I will travel in the new year but I'm sure we will be taken care of by then.
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  14. After that pr approved eh
  15. Yeh me too!, our Interview/landing is tomorrow.

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