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UAE Driving license acceptance in Canada April 2018

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Gr8AmirM, May 9, 2018.

  1. TBH, when I got my Ontario License, they didn't even check online (there is an authenticator link on RTA website). Literally took 2 min and I was already taking the MCQ Test for the Ontario License.
  2. Hey Guys

    What is the process of getting an attestation in Bur Dubai?
    Is it compulsory for attestation?
  3. Walk in to the ministry of external affairs and get the attestation done or you can go to Al Manara Municipality building in Shk Zayed Rd they have a counter there as well
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  4. Have you landed in Canada?
    If you are how do you look about for places to stay ?
  5. I am here since starting of last yr... once you land find a temporary accommodation first for a cpl of months with a friend etc... During this time, set yourself up with a bank account, health insurance etc and start building up some credit history...
    Once you are familiar with the place and know which neighborhood, you wanna settle down, get in touch with a real estate agent to show you some listings(house or condo/apartments) for rents...You also do your homework and review properties for rent on websites such as: www.realtor.ca or www.zolo.ca.
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  6. Awesome thank you very much

    Also what about the job scenes? May I know what you are into?

    Which provinces are good for mechanical engineers?
  7. Attestation is not required. Driving Experience letter is available in RTA under Drivers and Licensing. It is a e-document and does not require any signature.

    The certificate comes with a code to verify authenticity - works easily.
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  8. wait they did not verify if the e-certificate was authentic?
  9. haha no!

    The lady at the counter looked at it as asked why it was nor 'orginal'. I assumed she was looking for the stamp.

    I merely pointed to the footer of the document where is states that it can be verified online. She looked at that and moved on to the other documents. The whole thing took about 5 min.

    There is a possibility that she may have verified it while I took the MCQ test.
  10. Hi. The Dubai police app doesnt have anything called Driving experience letter. Instead are you talking about the police clearance certificate?
  11. Police Clearance Certificate is based on your overall conduct in the UAE. It does not have your driving History.

    For your Driving History, you need a Driver Experience History Certificate.


    There are two ways to get the 'Driver Experience History Certificate'.

    1. RTA Website Link: https://goo.gl/mzSYvW

    2. Dubai Police App> Services> Traffic Services> Clearance Certificate

  12. For anyone like me who got their License from Abu Dhabi, Emirates Driving Company doesn't issue such letters. They just told me to get my license translated.
  13. Thanks, I had also contacted them by email but they never replied.
    I'll just start over in a driving school here once I'm ready to drive. Never really learned much at EDCAD to be honest. :p
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