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UAE Driving license acceptance in Canada April 2018

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Gr8AmirM, May 9, 2018.

  1. No issues at all... I had the same thing
  2. Dear your comment is based on your experience or it’s your view ? And simple downloaded certificate is accepted or it has to be attested ?
  3. As an immigrant who landed from Dubai to Ontario last year, I can confirm that the information shared by me is from my own experience.

    The certificate does not need to be attested, as it already states how to check the authenticity on the RTA Website, which implies that there is no need for attestation.
  4. My license is from RAK, any idea where we can get the driving license experience certificate from?
  5. All UAE Driving Licenses are now Federal. You may go to RAK Police and ask for the certificate.
  6. Thanks, any idea what it is called in Arabic? Or any specific term to mention? Do these letters have a validity?

  7. I have attached what the certificate looks like. It is an e-certificate.

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  8. Thanks I will show this to the police department and hopefully they will be able to help Thanks alot
  9. Guys, pls how can i get the driving experience certificate for Abu Dhabi? I am outside UAE and my residency canceled. Driving license is still valid. I intend to swap it for Alberta's. Appreciate your comments. Thanks
  10. Hey

    I have same situation.
    RAK license but based in Dubai.

    What did you have to do for this? Can it be done online from the Abu Dhabi police website??
  11. HI, I am not sure yet as I need to check with rak police department. It might be available on Abu Dhabi police website Do let me know if you find it
  12. Nothing available on the AUH site

    I think I'll have to visit the main office in AUH or RAK/Ajman
  13. Yea I think it's better to visit rak pltrafdic police dept near the MBZ road. Do share your findings

  14. How to get from Abu dhabi?
    Nothing on their website unfortunately .
  15. I am based in Dubai!

    Will try to find a solution

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