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UAE Driving license acceptance in Canada April 2018

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Gr8AmirM, May 9, 2018.

  1. check with the Abu Dhabi traffic police dept...
  2. If you don't mind ..

    What is the process of getting license in Ontario?

    1.Attempt theory test
    2. Attempt G2 road test (based on UAE license)

    3. IF passed, get G2 license or G license?

    What if you fail this 1st attempt? What is the process or waiting time to attempt again.

    Thanks for your help
  3. Hi everyone,
    Has anyone tried to get an DL experience letter from Ajman? Any information about the process?
  4. If you pass the G2 Road test in the first attempt, you will get a G license. If you fail in 1st attempt, you have to go for G1 Road test which you can do immediately and if you pass, you will get G2 license. Then I think you can G2 road test in week or so.
  5. Hi @bimale4bipeople i want to know if I want to exchange my Uae driving license with Alberta one I understand I need to have a driver experience certificate and a valid uae license but my concern is I m doing soft landing and planning to visit registry and get the paper for class 7 and GDL is exemption. In order to do that will they ask me to surrender my Uae license?.

    As mentioned I can’t be cuz I will return to Uae and make a permanent move later

  6. @jaffaral, since you plan going back to UAE, I guess u would need the UAE license when u return back to UAE, if that is the case, then all you can do is to take the knowledge test first and pass, then continue the process when you finally return. Because after passing the knowledge test, To get GDL exemption in Alberta, u MUST hand ur UAE licence and driving history (both originals) to the registry agent. They will then forward these documents to the relevant government department for approval. U get the GDL class 7 learners permit and the exemption approval after 10 working days. That allows you to go for class 5 road test directly and not waiting on the compulsory 1 year period with class 7 learner permit. So if u still need ur UAE license, after passing the knowledge test, u just walk away frm the registry. Then submit the documents later. Another option u may consider is, hand them the UAE licence and driving history , make copies of it cos u will never see it again. Then go back to UAE, and re-apply for another one if possible. U shld know what to tell them at muroor. I have just received my class 7 too. And exempted to go for road test directly, but my UAE licence is gone...
  7. You are visiting Alberta for few days only.
    You can drive in Alberta on the UAE DL for up to 60 days
    Once you move here permanently then take the steps to get the Canadian DL.
  8. So u took your class 7 and got GDL exemption by surrendering ur uae license and then did u live in uae after that? Well in my opinion registries do somehow inform uae authority about surrendering of their license
  9. Yeah that’s seems to be the only option. Thanks a lot
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    Hey guys - question...can we attest the certificate from Canada? (I left UAE already) How is it done? Any agencies that can do that for us here? (in UAE there are many great certification services) - I am also in Vancouver so far from UAE embassy...
    If attestation is needed in UAE - I have few friends that could do it for me - but would take more time and I assume I'd need to be personally there...
    Also - has anyone done it here in BC? Valid UAE license + attested certificate = I guess I need to do the written test but can go immediately for the final exam - right?
  11. Passport,Visa,Driver's License,Ids,Permits registered TOEFL, IELTS, ESOLWhatsap(+27838808170)
  12. I just visited Mississauga DriveTest Branch today with my RTA Experience letter and Passport. For me they never asked for attestation and exempted for me G1 and G2 test. I have been told to take a knowledge test and appear for G class test which I would do this week.
  13. G1 is knowledge test

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