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OINP PNP - Tech draw Aug 1st - NOI with CRS - let's discuss here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by MVK2019, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. Hi, Looks like our case is not a problem. They are randomly picking up applications and I just received the confirmation and my application moved to Assessment stage. My timeline below:

    NOI received : 1st Aug
    NOC Code: 2173
    Profile submitted: 13th Aug
    Status changed to Assessment on 17th of Sep
    Status changed to DIP : Waiting
  2. oohh thanks a lot bro for update and All the best...will update if my status also changes, currently it's in the submitted state...Are u currently working in Ontario?
  3. Hi,
    I have a doubt. I had applied for PR through EE-CEC stream twice before. And my application was refused both the times after a long wait.
    The reason stated that
    Attempt #1: The documents I submitted to prove my job offer was not acceptable by the visa officer.
    Attempt #2: The documents I submitted to prove my foreign work experience was not having job description and / or duties & responsibilities.
    NOTE: The previous visa officer has accepted the same set of documents to verify my foreign work experience.

    In both attempts, my CRS points were reduced 50 points which was below the CRS from ITA.

    Now, I received notification of interest from Ontario on 1st Aug & submitted my documents on Aug 24th. Still the status is Submitted.
    If I get nominated this time, I will get 600 points & my CRS points will be 1038.

    I am planning to submit the same set of documents this time as well as I don't have any other option from my employers.
    My question is

    "If Visa officer feels the same that my documents to prove my foreign work experience and / or job offer are not satisfactory.
    Is there any possibility that visa officer will refuse this time stating the same reason?
    Even though I loss those 100 points, my CRS points won't go below the ITA cut off as my points will be minimum of 600. "

    Any insights from expertise will give me some clarity on this.

    Thanks in advance,
    Andavarayan M (Andy)
  4. I would suggest not to take rise by submitting "same" documents again. Try to get specific document from employer and submit the same
  5. That is difficult to get it from my employer. They clearly said, they cannot provide any documents by mentioning job description and / or duties & responsibilities.

    My question does that still matter even if I have 600 points from PNP?
  6. Yes, as IRCC is the final decion maker and not PNP. So if you are not getting from employer then get it from your supervisor along with letter of explanation about not having letter from employer
  7. I received a letter from my customer. Probably I will use that. Anyway, I am proceeding with attorney now for PNP & will go with them for PR too.
    Thanks for your suggestion though :)
  8. No, I work in London (UK). Never been to Canada before. Therefore my application is FSWP.
  9. My timeline :

    NOI received : 1st Aug
    CRS : 441
    NOC Code: 2172
    Profile submitted: 29th Aug
    Status changed to Assessment on 17th of Sep
  10. There might be a scenario, that even Ontario sends you an ADR if your job roles and responsibility letter doesn't satisfy them as per your NOC.

    So you need to try and get the required letter from your employer. Maybe you can get one from your colleague and get it legalized (notarized or an affidavit)
  11. Hi Everyone,

    So we received an invite for the OINP Human Capital Priorities Stream - Tech Draw on 12th July 2019. We submitted our application on 24th August and have received a request for more information. Here are the two documents that they have asked for:
    1. Letter from bank stating that Fixed Term Deposit is non-locked and immediately available to liquidate
    2. Proof that NOC matches previous designation for work experience at self-owned business
    Now the first point of getting the bank to provide a Fixed Term Deposit letter demonstrating liquifiability is easy.

    The second part is what is confusing and I am looking for help on.

    Sorry for the long post - also posted this on other threads within this forum just to get more eyeballs on it and, hopefully, varied views.

    Here is some background: My wife (primary applicant) setup her own business in 2007 - for digital marketing and technology services (primarily web application development). I joined her company in 2007 as well.

    From 2007 to 2019, she was part of her own business but as we decided to look at Canada for immigration, we slowed down our operations and shut down our tech services - which she was completely in charge of. Since January 2019, she has joined an American firm's technology division, working on their website as a Senior Full-Stack Developer.

    Now, as proof of our work for technology clients from 2007 through 2019, we provided reference letters from the clients describing each project, the letters of inception and tax-registration (it was a propreitorship) as well as invoices and contracts for almost all of our technology projects.

    In her company, her designation was Founder and CTO. And while we never had more than 5-members in the tech-team, out of 15-total employees, she was involved directly in every aspect of the project - from architecture design to programming, testing, bug-fixing and deployment - sometimes even documentation.

    So now, here is the point of contention that OINP people have referred to in their letter:
    "In order to continue the assessment of your application, further information and/or documentation is required to verify the following program criteria:

    1) You must have at least one year of continuous paid full-time work experience, or the equivalent in paid part-time work experience, within the five years prior to the date of application submission.

    o Please note that your eligible work experience in your application should be consistent with the NOC code in your Express Entry profile. If there is a discrepancy between the NOC provided in your application and in your Express Entry profile, you will be assessed against the NOC code in your Express Entry profile.

    The NOC code associated with your Express Entry profile is 2174. Please confirm:

    • The appropriate NOC to classify your job duties as a Proprietor and CTO with <company name>, and

    • If the primary NOC code in your Express Entry profile is the appropriate NOC to classify your duties in the above mentioned role. If you select a new NOC, please submit confirmation that you have updated your Express Entry profile accordingly (i.e. EE profile number if different, screenshot of NOC selected, etc.).

    Now the main thing they require us to confirm is whether her NOC is the correct one for "Proprietor and CTO" job duties - and while she did have to perform admin and accounting tasks (not sales), amongst other things, she was primarily a programmer working as a team leader. The designation was more for the clients rather than internal operations.

    So my question to all of you are these:
    • How do we convey the message to OINP that our organization's tech department was really small and she was essentially working as a programmer (maybe senior level slightly) alongside some other duties - will a letter stating her responsibilities in her company (along with all her client-reference letters) on a company letterhead be adequate?
    • As she was the propreitor and the highest authority in the business, can she sign that letter herself?
    • Is there any other way of informing them that while the NOC code is 2174, her designation was more symbolic rather than an accurate representation of her job duties at her own company?
    Thank you all for taking the time to read this and for all your inputs.
  12. 1) Maybe giving details of registration, CIN, company class & activity through Ministry of corporate affairs website might help here. Client testimonials/ project Details / contract details would help. Ask your clients to specifically focus on tech side of project like:
    We wanted to build a full fledged website / micro-service / Api server etc etc (Difficult to explain this to non-tech folks but try )
    2) IMO should get the letter signed by one of her co-worker. (if not possible than Get a self-affidavit done on 20+ INR stamp paper.)
    3) Explain anatomy of tech startups. Stress on how startup culture/work is all to gather a different ball game compared to a service /product/ MNC companies.
    PS: This what I think. Please seek advice from folks who had similar case.
  13. My application finally moved to Assessment today... Submitted on 15th Aug...NOI 1st Aug
  14. Thanks for the reply. Here are the bits that we've already attached:
    • Registration documents, tax-registration (Service Tax and GST) with a CA certificate and some of our contracts
    • References from our clients with specifics about each project - not all clients but enough to cover each one of the 12-years so far
    • Invoices raised for those clients, through PayPal - connected PayPal activity (invoices and payments) with corresponding activity on our bank account statements - to indicate connection
    The self-affidavit is something that we are making at the moment, explaining the role and the relatively superficial nature of the organization.

    We are providing a Letter of Explanation as well, explaining our business structure and the contractual nature of all our hirings. So all in all, Step 1 of what you mentioned is done and Steps 2 and 3 are the most common recommendations so looking to wrap that up today and cross my fingers!
  15. Congrats mate !!. Hopefully it will complete soon.

    And mine changed to DIP on 19th Sept. Timeline as below:

    NOI received : 1st Aug
    CRS : 438
    NOC Code: 2173
    Profile submitted: 13th Aug
    Status changed to Assessment: 16th of Sep
    Status changed to DIP: 19th Sept.
    Approval: Waiting...

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