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OINP PNP - Tech draw Aug 1st - NOI with CRS - let's discuss here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by MVK2019, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. Yes
  2. Mine is FSW. It is in submitted status since 13th Aug.
  3. Hello friends,

    Is the following statement in OINP portal still valid?

    If you see the red alert icon beside your file number, the OINP requires additional documentation. Click on the icon for more information about the request.

    When all document requests are submitted successfully, a blue document icon will appear beside your file number. Clicking on the blue document icon will show details of all submitted document requests.

    Whoever received ADR, please confirm.

    Andavarayan M (Andy)
  4. Yes it is!!!
  5. Thanks Annie01. I don't see either of the icon in my profile & status still stays at Submitted, which means no one touched my profile yet.
  6. Oh, not every us required to add more documents. I guess they are yet to get to your file tho..
  7. My status has moved to Assessment and still don't see that blue iconbeside my file number so I guess that statement is not valid any more.
    What do other members have to say about this?
  8. Hi

    I have recieved the nomination on 1 St of August but because of some personal problem I will be submitting my application tomorrow.
    I wanted to ask that the fund asked has not been maintained in my account since 3 months I have deposited the entire amount in the account 3 days ago so will this cause a problem
  9. Hi Friends,

    Following is my timeline so far:-

    NOC: 2173
    NOI Received: August 1, 2019
    Application Submitted: Aug 20, 2019
    Receipt of Complete Application/Assessment: August 29, 2019
    Decision in Progress: Waiting
    Approval: Waiting

    My wife's(dependent) score will be expiring on 14th October, 2019 followed by expiration of my IELTS score on 16th December, 2019.

    If I get 600 points for Ontario PNP before the expiration of Ielts score (provided in express entry profile) followed by ITA and then after that if my ielts score expires. In that case I will be submitting new ielts score (i already have the new ielts score which will bring down my CRS score maximum by 46 points) for APR. Please note that the new ielts score are above minimum eligibility criteria of both Ontario PNP FSWP(CLB 4) and central express entry FSWP(CLB 7).

    Will there be any issue or concerns with the APR in this case?
  10. My case is exactly similar, I submitted my application on 15th Aug because my EE profile was expiring on 14th so I created new profile and submitted on 15th and its still in submitted state :( :(
  11. Hey guys, my status update:

    NOC: 2173
    NOI Received: Aug 1, 2019
    Application Submitted: Aug 18, 2019
    Assessment: Sep 5, 2019
    Decision in Progress: Sep 9, 2019
    Approval : waiting


    NOC: 2173
    NOI Received: Aug 1, 2019
    Application Submitted: Aug 18, 2019
    Assessment: waiting
    Decision in Progress: waiting
    Approval : waiting
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  12. It clearly shows CEC is slower and picking cases for FSW
  13. Woww...that's true...
  14. anyone from CEC category moved to Assessment stage?
  15. Update

    NOI received : 1st Aug
    NOC Code: 2173 and 2175
    Profile submitted: 24th Aug
    Status changed to Assessment on 11th of Sep
    Status changed to DIP on 17th of Sep
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