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OINP- PNP - Tech draw July12 - NOI with CRS pls - let's discuss here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by MVK2019, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Guys please post here if you got NOI along with CRS score. Starting this thread to discuss further here.
  2. hi, we got a letter to apply PNP just now. so what next
  3. Congrats! What is your CRS?
  4. I've got the NOI with a score of 441. NOC: 2173
  5. i got NOI. What are the next steps?
  6. How do we accept this NOI. What are the next steps?
  7. Hi, I got this PNP letter too. But how do I know it's the tech draw NOI? Why doesn't it mention OINP or Human Capital Priorities Stream anywhere at all?
  8. The "why".. I cannot answer..

    To find your stream go to page - https://www.ontario.ca/page/oinp-express-entry-notifications-interest#section-1

    It contains details of draws including date and stream.. You should be able to find the information you need..
  9. I got NOI yesterday as well with CRS 444
  10. I got an NOI yesterday with CRS 449 NOC 2173.
  11. I have question, for work experience website mentions all the below. Is everything needed or just payslips are fine?

    Proof of compensation
    You must scan and upload proof of compensation for any work experience (foreign and Canadian) you include in your application.

    Proof may include copies of:
    • pay slips, pay cheques or pay statements for the first and last month of each period of work experience
    • bank statements showing salary deposits for the first and last month of each period of work experience
    • income tax documents
    • letter(s) from employer(s) verifying that your employment was paid and the annual salary/hourly wage, and an explanation as to why other pay documents are not available
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  12. Hi Guys, I got NOI yesterday, but my EE profile is expiring tomorrow, is my nomination going to be cancelled if I create a new application tomorrow????CRS 447
  13. Nope.. It says what to do in your situation on last page of HCP guide.. I assume u r eligible for HCP stream
  14. yes HCP stream, so I just need to email them my new details?

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