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OINP- PNP - Tech draw July12 - NOI with CRS pls - let's discuss here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by MVK2019, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Haven't had the opportunity to submit OINP and post ITA applications

    From what I have read, I think OINP requires more detailed documents than post ITA applications but post ITA applications requires more documents and processing such as medicals than OINP.
  2. Received noi with crs score 458 for noc 2174. Gathering documents now. Seems to be a long list.
  3. Thanks a lot
  4. hi all, i am working in noc 0213. I got this managerial job right after my graduation btech ECE. is that any problem since i didnt have mba or masters degree or any prior experience? I now have over 5 years of experience in thia IT managerial role. Please help.
  5. Hey,
    Just got an OINP interest mail. The only stream that I can qualify under seems to be Human Stream but I quit my last job in Nov 2014. Is there any point in applying (cause of that last 5 years clause)? NOC - 2173

    Thanks for any help.
  6. Dont you think its much better if you just wait for the ITA ? You may get an ITA anytime in the next two draws, I mean why waste 1500K CAD ?
  7. Why do people ask for ITA when they already got a NOI ?
    Are there any inconveniences for it? (Besides paying 1500k CAD :p)
  8. How are you guys uploading the pay slips - all added in one word doc or seperate upload for each
  9. Hello all,

    I too got NOI in tech draw on 12 july.

    I have a question that I could not get answers to anywhere else.

    I have submitted an express entry profile without accompanying family members who are my wife and son for the very reason that my CRS score will be more which are 444.

    Based on these CRS scores I got Notification of Interest from Ontario province based on Tech draws conducted recently.

    My question is that since I already have funds for my family members, is it possible to add them as Accompanying with me to Canada in the OINP application because If I get Provincial Nomination, the condition for leaving out family members in Express Entry profile to get more chances to nomination will not be valid as I would have got 600 points already.

    OR this will be considered as misrepresentation as I do not at all intend to misrepresent myself. My case is clear. I want to immigrate with my family but if there is no option or less chances then I want to migrate myself and later bring my family.

    Waiting for your reply.
  10. If your family here in Canada? or outside? - You should have created a profile accordingly, I would recommend you to stick with same until you get your PR and then apply for your family.

    In OINP, Irrespective of whether you're accompanying them or not you have to show the proof of funds or job offers for all your family.

    But you can always contact OINP contact number to clarify your questions. Hope this helps
  11. No issues as long as your current WP has the same NOC code and/or your Job offer/work experience depicts the 0213 job duties.
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    Below is from OINP website, based on this they have around 2500 more invitation left for the year 2019

    In 2019:

    • Ontario received an allocation of 6,650 nominations and additional 250 nominations specifically for temporary foreign workers in intermediate skilled occupations (National Occupational Classification [NOC] - Skill Level C) through the federal government’s NOC C initiative
    • as of July 11, 2019, 3,984 nominations have been issued
  13. if you're currently working in Canada then you need to submit your current employment letter and recent payslips or job offer letter. you don't have to show bank-related documents
  14. My family is outside Canada. I am going to do it myself only for being safe side but I was just thinking if there is an option i dont want to regret later. Anyway thanks for the response.

    I contacted OINP and this is what they replied:

    Dear Madam/Sir,

    Thank you for your correspondence to the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP).

    For information regarding program eligibility and how you can submit an application to the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, please visit the government of Ontario’s website.

    Under each stream, you will find a “Mandatory requirements” tab where you can review the main eligibility criteria. For more details about a particular stream you can also review the appropriate Application Guide.

    Please note we are unable to pre-assess applications and can offer no assurances of the outcome of an application without reviewing a submitted application and the required information and documentation.

    You must possess sufficient funds and/or income to cover the settlement costs for yourself and your dependent family members, whether they are accompanying you to Ontario or not. Dependent family members can include your spouse or common-law partner, your children under the age of 22 and their children.

    You can determine the settlement funds required for your family size by reviewing the chart found on IRCC’s website. These amounts are updated every year.

    The settlement fund requirement can be met through one or a combination of the following:

    • Funds as demonstrated by bank statements, or statements of accounts showing other investments, such as fixed term deposits and mutual funds, that can be readily converted to cash;

    • Annual earnings from ongoing employment in Ontario; and/or

    • A job offer in Ontario.

    We hope this information will assist you. Once again, thank you for your email and for your interest in the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program.


    Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program | Programme ontarien des candidats à l’immigration

    Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade | Ministère du Développement économique, de la Création d'emplois et du Commerce

    Government of Ontario | Gouvernement de l’Ontario

    Tel | Tél. : (416) 327-0374

    Email | Courrier électronique : ontarionominee@ontario.ca | candidatontarien@ontario.ca

    Website | Portail : www.ontario.ca/OINP | www.ontario.ca/POCI
  15. Hello Guys,

    The placeholders in document uploads section just show one upload for each section. Ar we supposed to merge all the relevant documents into one and upload. For example: Work history documents, should I merge all the documents into one for various companies or should upload individual for each company?

    Please share your thoughts.

    Thank you,

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