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India PCC from SFO

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by varshausa, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Nope. No updates yet. Still waiting. How did you check the money order status?
  2. If you got that from MoneyGram you can dail in 800 542 3590 to check the status. You would need money order reference no for that.
  3. Yea I called my bank and confirmed. My cashiers check was encashed on 24th too. Let me know if you get any updates and I'll keep you posted too :)
  4. Where do you get 3.5cm*3.5cm photo in USA? I checked Walgreens/Walmart and they were not able to print me photos of that specification. Alternative for me is to get the standard 5cm*5cm passport size photo and cut it my self to 3.5cm*3.5cm.
  5. Check for a professional photo studio who does Canadian passort photos
  6. I used a 5x5 photo for the PCC. The application didn’t get rejected at least. Still waiting for my PCC.
  7. Sorry I misunderstood your question. I cut it at home as per the specifications. And got my PCC with no issues
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    did you hear back on that? Am still waiting, tried to call consulate multiple times but looks like they never pick up the phone : (
  9. Nope. No updates yet. I just mailed them this evening. Will let you know when I hear back from them.
  10. Just received a call from consulate, enquiring about the country for which I need the report. They said it's expected to be posted back to me this week.
  11. Nice! You're unblocked now :) I'm hoping I get mine this week. Let's see.
  12. Hello All

    I am planning to apply for PPC at SFO consulate in person. Can I carry my wife's documents and submit on behalf of her ? I have notarized her I 797 as well as residency proof ( lease document ) She has filled up the Application form, personal performa form and has provided ahandwrittenn note saying that I can apply on her behalf. I am plannning to carry her original documents like Passport, I 797 , lease documents etc . Would that work ?

    Also for the personal performa form, it is said that we have fill 3 forms is that correct? Please confirm.
  13. Hello
    Hello What did u tell them while booking an appointment in San diego ? They were asking what kind of tests do we want ? They were saying do you need express entry tests or something else. Can you please let me know what should we ask while booking tests in San diego ?
  14. San diego is not doing upfront medical tests. They will only do when you have request letter from IRCC therefore go with Los Angeles clinic.
  15. Btw, can you let me know when your return label gets activated or when you receive it? And any idea why they called you to confirm which country? Didn't we write that in the form?

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