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India PCC from SFO

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by varshausa, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. At least they responded you. I have seen other consulates providing PCC in a week or two . Don't know what is wrong with SFO Consulate and worst thing they do not even care to respond. Pathetic service. I wonder how long will be the wait.
    Will let you know once I get the valuable PCC :p
  2. I just called them to confirm. My appointment still on June 11.
  3. Did you email them to misc@cgisf.org? If its different please let me know.
  4. Yes, but they usually never respond, I was just lucky once. The other follow up mails have not resulted in any response.
  5. Alright I will call them again once I get PCC. I didn't knew getting a simple PCC would take so long else I would have applied earlier .:(
  6. Finally my tracking number showing status as picked up. Today is exactly end of 4 weeks since they received my application.
  7. Same with me. Just checked and it shows picked up. Thank God :)
  8. Awesome, glad you see some progress. So, your applications reached the consulate on 4/24? Hopefully I’ll hear back sometime later this week.
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  9. where do you check status "picked up"
  10. Mine reached on 25 April. Good luck. They will surely send it back to you by Friday.
  11. By tracking return envelope I sent. They had sent it to UPS for dispatch today evening.
  12. Thanks Vivu, for the update, mine reached them on May 9th, I guess I will have to wait till June 9th for my USPS status to change.
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  13. Alright. I thought yours reached on 26th April.
  14. I think @abhi.chat 's application reached them on May 1st, so not sure if you were thinking about his timeline.
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  15. Yes I got confused ;)

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