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India PCC from SFO

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by varshausa, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Can someone please confirm the below checklist?

    Checklist to send to Indian Consulate at SFO by MAIL:
    $27 Money order or Cashiers’ cheque drawn in favor of the ‘Consulate General of India, San Francisco’
    Application form -- photo and signature (3.5cm*3.5cm (2"*2") photos)
    Personal proforma -- photo and signature
    -- Two Indian References
    Notarized copies of I-797 and Driving License in the US
    Trackable pre-paid return mailing envelope (USPS 'Express Mail' or FEDEX etc.)

    Sources: http://www.cgisf.org/page/display/143/236

    Additional questions:
    1. Do we have to sign on top of the photo we are pasting to Application form and personal proforma?
    2. Do I have to send them self-attested copies of my passport as well?
    3. How long does it take for them to process (since this is by mail) excluding the to and fro postage time ?
  2. Did you get an update on this? My passports reached SFO on 27th Feb 2018 but no response yet and I am wondering if anyone knows the time it normally takes for getting a PCC.

  3. Hello Amrinder,

    Did you get your PCC .. I applied back on March 1 at SFO consulate and have not yet received it
  4. Hey ,

    Best way is to directly visit the consulate and get the letter same day

    I visited NYC consulate , submitted all docs and received the letter in one hour
  5. Nothing till now, just dropped an email to the consulate, let's see if they reply back.
  6. cool .. thanks for letting me know ... will keep u informed as well in case I get mine
  7. Hello amrinder, gautam,

    Any updates on your PCC from SFO. What is the number or email to reach out in case of a delay? I sent my documents on 24th March 2018 to SFO.

    I only have 25 days left to submit my PR application and was thinking i will recieve the PCC within the duration. Now i am a bit worried, looking @ your responses. This is the only document which is pending for submission
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    I got mine this past Friday

    hey btw .. did you get your american pcc from fbi ?
  9. Has anyone got PCC from SFO recently ?
  10. Yes i did.
  11. I got it done recently
  12. how much time it took ? I sent it last week , no update till now .
  13. 2-3 weeks, please keep checking your mailbox or create an alert for the tracking number of the the return envelope you had sent to the consulate. Thats what i did.
  14. Oh so are they gonna send me email after shipping it to me ?
    Will activate the text alerts. Thank you.
  15. Hi Varsha,

    Is it required to send Passport via postal mail or is it okay to send notarized photocopies of Passport? Also US Drivers License & Work Authorization - do we need to send the backside of them or only front part will work. If we need to send the back part as well, do we need to get them notarized?

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