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India PCC from SFO

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by varshausa, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Regarding your point about SFO Embassy not issuing PCC's on the same day. When do they send the PCC then to the applicant. Do they keep the passport with them till they mail it to the applicant or the applicant can take the passport with him on the same day and wait for PCC?
  2. If you go in person then they will give back the passport same day and you can either collect PCC in person or provide them return envelope to mail PCC. But if sent via mail then they will return it via mail along with PCC.
  3. I contacted them few days back and they told me that there is no waiting list at the moment and we can book appointment anytime. Its the same one which is mentioned in the panel physicians list of CIC website.
  4. When have you booked for medicals in LA ? I am also thinking to book it but still not sure of PCC. Where are you located ?
  5. I am located in San Diego. Booked my appointment for Jun 11
  6. Booked my Medicals on June 19th. Applied for PCC on May 9th. I'm hoping that I will receive my Passport & PCC by then. Fingers crossed !!!
  7. In which city mate ? We have still not got ours. Very frustrating this is. Almost a month in few days.
  8. Hi, I called LA hospital to book appointment and they told me doc is out on 11 june and will not be available for a week. Did they told you anything now ?
  9. It’s in Seattle. I’m counting on your timeline, so that I can predict mine. Please keep me post
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  10. Yeah sure. if I may ask why you applied for PCC in SFO when you are in Seattle?
  11. Because, Seattle doesn’t have an embassy in WA. Also, the website says that SFO Embassy accepts applications for PCC from WA state.
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  12. Vivu, did you hear back from the SFO consulate about your PCC completion?
  13. No not yet. When did your package reached the consulate ?
  14. You got your PCC ?
  15. Apr 27th accordingly to UPS but the consulate had shared May 1st in one of their email query responses. So we're approaching the 30 day timeline as well. Tracking and visibility seems to be a mess :)

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