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India PCC from SFO

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by varshausa, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Hey Did you got your PCC via mail ? Mine is a crumbled paper because they didn't even bother to put it in an extra brown envelope :eek:
  2. Hello,

    I have applied for India PCC in USA (SFO) yesterday, and unfortunately due to some issues I need to improve my IELTS score for which I booked the exam on June 30th (I just realized that date). Before that date Can I get my passport with India PCC ? SLA seems to be 3-4 weeks. any suggestions ? It's a mistake I didnt realized this earlier....
  3. I guess you will get your PCC and passport before june 30. Its more than a month left for your exam. Don’t worry.
  4. Hello... in recent times, did anyone received INDIA PCC in US within 3 weeks (those who sent through mail) ? Passport issued in INDIA.
  5. Folks, am yet to get any updates. Will let you'll know as soon as I spot any movement.
  6. I received my PCC in 5 working days after consulate received it...mine was New York office...
  7. Received my passport and PCC today (5/30), the application had reached the SFO consulate on 4/27.

    Being more precise, the application was through mail and my passport was issued in SFO within the last 5 years.
  8. My passports reached May 9th. No correspondence or movement yet as well.

    If anyone's in the same status, do let me know!
  9. My documents & PP reached them on 9th as well. We can track each other's status.
  10. They really do not share any updates, so there is nothing to anticipate/ worry about.
    You can expect the passports to reach you in about a month from when it reached them. Expect to see updates to the shipment tracking status around June 9th.
  11. My documents reached SFO consulate on 21st May. No updates yet..
  12. Same here. Mine reached on 22nd and no updates.
  13. Hi any update, has your return label processed yet?
  14. did you hear back from them? I checked money order status and that was cashed on 24th May only. Return label not processed yet though and have not received any call.
  15. Did you ever receive any call from them? My application reached SFO Consulate on 5/21 and I am waiting for my PCC.

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