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Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Bobby_786, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Just pointing out that whatever is in your business account is not your salary. Your business needs operating capital plus it sounds like you haven't filed any taxes this year so you may owe taxes. To prove your income you will have to show NOA. Nobody on this forum can tell yo whether your H&C will be approved. Your lawyer will have the best idea. Not sure how you can afford a lawyer while supporting 6 people on under 50K.
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  2. Hi
    Thanks for detailed reply.
    You guys doing great job. You are an Angel's.
    I sent my medical in early may. Normally how long does they take for AIP.?
  3. Hi
    Thanks for wonderful reply. Please let me know just send medical along with Landing fee,
    So after all this how long does it take to get AIP?
  4. Good luck
  5. Hi
    Thanks so much for helping me
    Just wanted to after medical how long normally they take to give you AIP ?
    Please reply me
  6. There are no exact timelines for H&C. Like others I would encourage you to finish your taxes. If you live in a province like Ontario which now has very little support for autistic children your income will likely be a bigger factor and will need to increase dramatically if you want to access services yourself.
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  7. Thanks for your
  8. Well you are right .
    my house hold personal Income is 60k , including my wife, also I have investment 50k in mutual funds and beneficially is my Autistic son.
    From 2012 my taxes are paid, also I created few jobs and business growing well.

    So do you think it is good enough to cover being having Autistic kid,
    Please reply me
  9. Your lawyer will be in the best position to give you the advise you are looking for as a lot of people have given you their advice.
    Stay hopeful and positive.
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  10. This is very confusing. All of a sudden you have 12K more income. Profit from your business is not income unless you are paid and added to your personal income taxes. Most business owners keep most of the money in their business to lower their tax rate and have operating capital but then you can't claim that money as your income. In terms of the 50K, your child is not old enough to have that much money in an account like an RDSP so you are either filing taxes for your son and it is in an unregistered account or it is in your own name. On another note you should get out of mutual funds the fees are too high. I don't know what province you live in but you don't seem to have started any autism therapy if you don' know what the costs will be. Maybe you are on a wait list. Autistic children can easily use 50-100K/year in therapy. In Ontario the Ford government is now just giving parents 8-20K/year to hire their own therapy and pay out of pocket for the rest. In other provinces you wait on the wait list for 2-5 (or longer) years until you finally qualify for provincial funding. Before then most parents try to pay for as much therapy as they can afford because therapy before age 5 is very important. Nobody here can tell you whether you will get a positive result from your H&C case. Given your previous refusals you always knew it was a possibility so you should follow your lawyer's guidance.
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    Hi Canuck
    First of all thanks for giving me such a great information,
    I agree it is confusing to understand my financial situation but I try again ..
    I am in Ontario, I have one private job for 48k plus my wife earning 12k part time. And we have one business as well and we created jobs for people.
    I invested for long term in Fix Gic 50k 100% beneficial is my son . I voluntary work for Ontario Autism Coalition.
    I raised 100k funds for Autistic kids and give it to hospital. My son needs speech therapy at least for one year,
    I also bought one property, all the receipts I attached along my file, letter from my other kid's school, from family friends, co workers,
    I have written reports from many Doctors from here & from back home country.. that shows lots of health problems,
    I believe I have painted right picture of my case my Lawyer says H&C its just a application not a status and only 2% chances,
    Do you think so I have little weight in case or its average case?
    Once again you gave me wonderful information. I'm thankful to all of you..
    Waiting for your reply
  12. GICs are not mutual funds. Can't tell you if you will get H&C. Your child only needs speech therapy. Are you sure he is autistic? Has your child gone through the Ontario diagnosis program? Nobody can tell you whether you will get H&C. You have done your best.
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  13. Hi , I would say stay positive and don’t stress too much as it will not help you. You have done your part now leave it to Gods hand. No one can predict anything about h&c , it’s all about situation also I would say luck sometimes. Do what you are doing and hope for the best .
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  14. Hi
    Now I know why you are Hero Member, thanks for giving me positive answer
    your words gave me more strength,I know its hard to predict,i have done lots of voluntary work for Humanity, I don't know that how strong my case is in financial matters. But i have provided Warm clothes to needy people , supply food to shelter home... raised funds for hospitals, my other kids having high marks,
    My son is diagnosed by Child Specialist pulse family doctor, (Autism spectrum disorder)
    He is not very high side. I am in que with
    ErinoakKids, and you are right I am stressed because it have been struggling from 7 years,I have never taken single dollar from Government funds or kids family support, I believe nobody can file 100% accurate case,
    I have done the best even I have been awarded by one of Mpp (best Voluntary work) .
    Please reply me if anything comes in your mind
    Kindest regards
  15. It is very clear that you have dedicated your time to volunteering but I do think you were doing it to improve your profile so not as altruistic as you claim it is. Volunteer and charity work should be done with no expectation of anything in return.
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