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Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Bobby_786, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. business income doesn't count as personal income and is used to run your business. There is no specific income requirement for H&C. It is worrying that with a low income and a specula need child that you won't be able to support your family without government assistance and that you won't be able to cover the potential medical costs. What province do you live in?
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  2. No one can predict the outcome of your application, but if you are asking if it is a negative that you earn little money for such a large family then yes it is - it is called "subsistence" living. If that's coupled with your further dependency upon the state for the treatment of a child with special needs it may hinge upon whatever health care is available in your country of citizenship. Still, you are asking that your child be added to the competition for health resources that exists across the country so it isn't all cut and dry.

    You might consider filing your taxes on time if you want to impress anyone with your willingness to conform with Canadian standards. It's good that you have a lawyer.
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  3. How much is responsible income for 6 family Members to support my case?
  4. How much is responsible income for 6 family Members to support my case?

  5. How much is responsible income for 6 family Members to support my case?
  6. How much is responsible income for 6 family Members to support my case?
  7. How much is responsible income for 6 family Members to support my case?

  8. There is no specific amount. The whole application will always be looked at to naked decision about H&C. You can't change your income at this point. You should prioritize filing your taxes so you have proof of income.
  9. Please post your question once, not a dozen times.
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  10. Ok I'm really sorry about that.

    Please help me on this issue
    How much income is responsible income for Member of 6 people on H&C application?
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  11. So it's been said a few times here that finances are a factor, but there isn't necessarily a 'minimum'. If you want a measuring stick, look at the income tables required for PGWP sponsorship and family size. However, not fitting into that table, on an H&C application, does not mean instant rejection. It will factor negatively against you if you have a low income, but it's not necessarily an instant rejection.
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  12. It isn't a question of how much you need - it is a question of how much do you earn? You can't sanely manufacture some fictional number so why keep asking this question?

    If you can apply for H&C then you can file your taxes and satisfy two Federal Government Departments with identical information.
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  13. Hi

    Hi K.h.p
    What a wonderful reply, thank you so much..
    Let me explain about situation, I have business and from business my profit is $17000 per year.
    I do have private job and I made 48k in 2018.
    Now my account said I can add your corporate income to your personal income eg.. 48k private from my own company I can have salary as an Director $17,000 from my own company.
    Now if I add both I will be 64k.
    But on Immigration sponsore calendar says for 6 people 77k so I can go close but can't afford negative foot print on my file.
    I have been in Canada from last 7 years, 3 kids are school going since they came . One son with Autism spectrum disorder Canadian.
    My lawyer guidance was , ...
    I have done lots of voluntary work and raised funds for Autistic children, letters , book one house 570k children's education report cards,
    I got Doctor report from back home that says lots negligence reported in last year, Etc.
    Please guide .
    God bless you
  14. You should be listening to a lawyer more than me.
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  15. Thanks so much for reply
    In your opinion overall on my case is that strong file or just average?

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