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Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Bobby_786, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Hi I applied in Augest 2018 H&C because I have Canadian born and suffering from Autism.
    I have my own business and having job.
    Any help me what will be next . Status says we sent you acknowledgment.
  2. Let me add you bit more . I came CanDa 2012 almost 7 years. Applied refugee got refused after 5 years
    Child was born 2015 March. And he is Autistic.

    Please help me , do I have good casec. What next
  3. Processing of H&C applications takes 2-3 years. The next step would be approval in principle - this seems to be taking around 14 months these days. So you probably won't hear anything further until September / October / November.
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  4. It has been quite a long time since your asylum refus ans your H&C case? Do you still have a work permit? Healthcare for yourself?
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  5. Thank you so much for helping
    Please tel me as I'm living in Canada approximately 7 years. Will that help to my case?

  6. Yes I have work permit renewed and I have health care.
  7. Has your child been officially diagnosed as autistic and do you have treatment plan needed? Does your country have access to the treatments that are needed based on the report?
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  8. Hi I son got diagnosed Autism by child Specialist (Pediatrician) officially.
    I have three different dr reports from Pakistan and they said we don't have much facility to treat him properly. I also have written letters from Pediatrician as well as my family doctor , moving this kid could be very harmful for he mental health.
    I have been in Canada approximately 7 years I have 3 daughters they all school going. Getting high grade.93%.
    Around 20 people gave me supporting letter. Most of them business men and MP , Mpp lots Politicians. Is that strong case.?
    I have done lots of voluntary work and raised funds for hospitals.
    Please let me know is that good file?
  9. Treatment plan speech therapy, long list
  10. Kindly guide me...
  11. Hi, you can't really be guided online because H&Cs are complex and unique to the applicant.

    Generally speaking it seems that you may have a good application to present but it has to be presented well and maintained by providing information and evidence all the while you await a decision. Get a new job, children achieve something, whatever things happen that could possibly add value to your application should be submitted/added to your file.

    Letters of support are good and you don't have to stop collecting them, get more and add them. Have you seen any news articles regarding your home country and your situation that you'd like the decision-maker to consider? Print them out and add them to your file. Did your children do something so demonstrably Canadian (it happens all the time) that couldn't possibly be repeated, built upon or furthered should your family leave Canada? You would know better than I what limits there might be for your children scholastically and socially should their lives be disrupted by leaving Canada (not simply medical stuff here). Do your children have letters of support from their schools, friends' parents, organizations or place of worship?

    The Department outlines their key factors online:
    • how settled the person is in Canada
    • general family ties to Canada
    • the best interests of any children involved, and
    • what could happen to you if we do not grant the request.

    Other matters can be considered as well, but take each one and write down what you have provided and as you find more material then submit it and add it to your list. Keep your own file and recall that these people will likely only see what you give them, they do these all of the time and they're looking to see if ALL of the stuff you've provided adds up to a positive decision.

    Be clear, be concise, be realistic and be constantly updating your pre-decision application so that it remains current. It is a person making the decision and the ages, length of time in western education and the social adjustment of children to what is likely a more diverse range of opportunities in Canada are appealing because they advance the idea of them integrating into Canadian society seamlessly, and suffering a hardship should they be removed.

    It is a positive thing for the officer to have concern that children not be removed from what has been an emersion into Canadian/western society and where the children are flourishing after this steady exposure. If someone has a daughter and she joins a club empowering girls, for example, this speaks to a core Canadian value. Girl Guides, or another positive social group would be an example of such a thing, I believe.

    What works, what doesn't - H&Cs are hard to fiddle with so tell your family story in conformity with what the outlined factors detail, and have a bulleted summary of how you have tried to fit your facts into each of the factors. A "good" H&C is built in blocks of evidence under the Department's own outlined factors for consideration, and they are personal, kept well ordered and they are to the point.

    Best of luck
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  12. Hi Bornlucky
    What a wonderful reply I ever get.. Amazing you gave me lots of light. I appreciate you valuable time

    I have few questions if you please reply

    I have been living in Canada for 7 years.
    Dos lent of time matters?

    One 4 years old boy and three daughters grade 7 , 9 , 10 heaving good grades?

    Letter from local Member of Parliament?

    Working for serving poor people?

    Son diagnosed Autism Spectrum disorders ?
    Mortality rate in Pakistan so high

    Lawyer made points for my 24 years study from ENGLAND as well my wife 22 years .

    He is asked me affidavits from people with their sin numbers attested Notre public stamp,stating we are financially strong and we paying healthy tax if this person need any support any shape ,we are agree to help. I had 20 letters from different business people...
    Is that something valuable?
  13. Hi, these look to be favourable factors, and your lawyer appears to be pursuing a positive decision with practical evidence.

    I don't do these things for a living however. Still, letters of support can also be from neighbours and friends that you have made, co-workers and the parents of your kids - their teachers might want to add their voices to your application. If your children are participating in organized groups, conversing in English at home and away, performing well in school and with their lives outside of that - this is what the decision-maker wants to be made aware of and only you can tell them.

    Consider the every day life of your entire family, the people and places who you interact with in the community and think as to whether they might sign a simple letter of support for your family. What does your family do that is particularly Canadian? Things that simply illustrate establishment outside of owning a house or a business (good things but incomplete regarding establishment). You can go to a park in any country but do your children skate with their friends in a club or as a family. What seems like a small thing (something uniquely Canadian) can become significant when they are looking at your life here, as presented by you. I'd send photos of the children participating in Canada Day, for example - wearing maple leaf toques - it would drip like maple syrup and be just as sweet.

    Be sincere and authentic though, these people see (and recognize) a lot of rubbish.

    The younger your children are the more flexible they are as to where they can live so really concentrate on the older ones and how they interact with the community (and what they have grown accustomed to and could not replace).

    There is little certainty until a decision but you really must continue to update the material whenever you have positive news. Many of the Canadian decision-makers themselves are first or second generation Canadian, and they are well educated with lives outside of work, so your efforts toward the integration of your children into a wildly diverse and open society - one with many religions, two official languages and a goal of gender equality ought to be a part of the package.

    Maybe your son loves the Toronto Maple Leafs and you the Montreal Canadians and your daughters are all on their way to becoming whatever the heck they please. Personally, I'd have each child write their own small letter as to why they want to stay in Canada (a good place for their photo to appear) - it could just rip the decision-maker's heart out.

    I wish you luck and hope that you don't require any.
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  14. I see you were educated in the UK. How long did you stay there? I view this as a negative since it seems obvious that you were trying to leave your home country. How valid your asylum case was will also factor in this because you fought the case as long as possible. It is very hard to comment on the case. Yes your child's autism will help. Usually you need formal testing not just a diagnosis from a paediatrician. Notes of support only go so far unless the people actually interact with you and your family on a regular basis. Notes from employers are more helpful than a random MP that you've had no contact with.
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  15. Hi
    I got this reply.
    What do you think about this?
    Departmental records confirm that this application was received on August 23, 2018, and is being processed at the IRCC Office in Vancouver. Your application is currently in queue to be reviewed. The current processing time for applications in this category is approximately 31 months from the date of receipt of the completed application. Therefore, it appears that this application is proceeding normally with no unexpected or unwarranted delays.

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