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Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Bobby_786, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. It's a standard reply. It doesn't mean anything either positive or negative about your case. It just means they have received your application.
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  2. Hi
    Thanks for reply. Any chance we can speed up our application?
    Not even MP help?
  3. No - there isn't any way to speed up your application.

    An MP cannot influence or speed up an application.
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  4. Hi

    What is AIP ?
  5. Hi
    What AIP?
  6. Hi what are acceptance chances H& C
  7. Realistically, it’s impossible to say. It will all depend on the strength of your application, ties to Canada, exceptional reasons for them to consider your H&C claim, if children are involved, if you are eligible, the government of the day policy and the disposition of the review board the day they review it. Just too many variables to come up with an arbitrary number.
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  8. Hi
    What is AIP?
  9. Approval In Principal. It means that their initial review of your application is favourable and can proceed to the next step.
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  10. Hi
    Thanks quick reply,
    Aprox in 9 months people get AIP?
    Or more than a year?
  11. Hi

    So I believe 2 % winning chances?
  12. Hi
    H&c chances around only 2 % . It that right?
  13. More than a year. More like 14 or more months.
  14. Hi
    Thanks for reply
    H&C success is only 2% is that right?
  15. Hey guys,

    I'm looking for opinion from people that went through the Express Entry and/or H&C.

    I got an invitation to apply(Express Entry) and a few weeks later (while waiting for my new passport to arrive) i got an email from my other application (which is the H&C application) where they are requesting the medical exam. Now i have until April 22, 2019 to apply through Express Entry and i have no idea what to do. I know the best thing to do is to go forward with both applications, but each application fee is 550$(x2=1100$)plus the medical exam which is 400$ plus another 500$ for the pr card. And it all comes to around 3 grand. So, i'm trying to get opinions from people that went though the whole express entry and/or H&C process to see how long they waited for their PR after being invited. Because for the H&C application they don't give out the timeline on how long it takes after you send all your medicals in. Which one do you think would be faster? Any and all opinions are appreciated!


    p.s. i live in Edmonton

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