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Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Bobby_786, Mar 16, 2019.

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    hey took 13 months in total. In your case

    I called automatic on line service
    That told me you applied 23 August 2018
    We received your medical 23 May ,we
    Are not stated background check yet. We don't ask you finger print at this time maybe letter on.
    Interview not required at this time . In case we need anything we will call you or send you letter.

    That's what she said.
    In total they took on your case 13 months in total?
  2. Please reply my question
  3. Each application is different! For me it took 13 months to receive the medical request before AIP , AIP took about 16 months. Call on Monday speck with an agent. When I called the agent ,she told me everything is done except criminality but over phone it says we are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility. They don’t update frequently the automatic message so rather call.
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  4. Hi Alone
    Brother I got medical in exactly in 9 months. What is AOR ?
    According to automated they can't find my file.
    But yesterday it was working.
    I called agent he opened up bit more than automated call.
    He said we received document the one ask.
    Don't you think medical in 9 months is quite quick?
  5. Alone brother I received medical in 9 months.
    So you get AIP in 7 months.
    Did you get AIP first or medical came with AIP
    Please let me know . Like most people received in how many months. I know everyone has different causes
  6. Hi
    Just check 5 days ago on automatic phone service and it was giving me my medical pass information. Now when I'm dialing & tapping my file number it says we don't have your record. But website showing my status. Could you please guide me what options do I have to tap after dialing?
    Please help me out.
  7. There was a technical difficulty. Are you calling daily? You need to relax a bit.
  8. Hi Alien
    Thank you very much.
    Just got stage 1 approved. In 11 months. Even I don't know whether I fall in new law or old .
    Please let me know from AIP how long does it take to get Interview.?
    Any chance they can ask me for financial documents?
    Are everyone get AIP? Or just few
    What should I do from now ? Or what are the next steps?
  9. Thank you so much for your help.
    I received AIP in 11 months. ... as you guys said .

    Could you please let me know next steps...
    Still chances that can ask me financial documents because I already submitted.
    Do you any idea of timeline now day

  10. Canuck 78

    Bundle of Thanks for your support.. I just got stage 1 Approval in 11 months. Please guide me for next coming step.
    And in stage 2 what they acutely they looking for
    Please reply me in detail
  11. How long is my police certificate good for?
  12. I don't know.

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