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WES has sent documents for verification to College/ University.

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by harsh_taneja, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Hi, am facing the same problem with JNTU Kakinada. can you please provide your mobile number or Facebook account for contacting you. This would be a great help.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Pramod, Can you please share your contact number or FB account to contact you. Thanks in advance.
  3. Please check your DM!
  4. Hi Harsh,

    can u please update us on this. did your evaluation went through?

  5. heyy!!
    which university was this?
  6. Hi Pashy24..
    I am also facing same problem, I need help as to whom to be contacted in Kalina university and do the payments.
    Also what are the further steps in terms of replying to WES.
    Could you please send me your contact details (email/phone), so that I could call you up ?
  7. You need to visit the controller of examinations department at the Kalina Campus and ask them if they have received your documents for verification from WES via post and email. They can use either medium or both to reply to the verification request from WES. They will ask you to pay a fee and within 10 working days they should process your request. Once they've sent the email confirmation to WES, your status should change from "on hold" to "in progress" within 2 working days. I know of someone who also gets this done from the University of Mumbai on behalf of the applicant at a nominal charge if the applicant is out of Mumbai or for any other reason is unable to visit the campus in person. DM for further details, I'll share his contact with you.
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    Verification Request from WES.
    Hi, since so many similar queries have been arising on this topic, just thought of sharing the below information for people who have graduated or post-graduated from the University of Mumbai. If you are out of Mumbai or staying abroad or due to any reason cannot visit the University in person, you can get the verification request processed on your behalf through a trustworthy person. Please DM me for the contact person's details. He charges an amount for these services that are inclusive of the fees to be paid at the Kalina University campus. He also conducts attestation services on behalf of the applicant. DM me for contact details.
  9. Hello Frnss,

    I want your help in knowing how i can ask panjab university to verify my documents which they sent to WES 1 month back and now WES sent me an email that they have asked Panjab Univ. to verify the authenticity of these documents.

    What can i do in speeding this process?

    Thanks for your response
  10. Hi.
    I have done my 4 year Bachelors of Engineering in Anna University and 1 year PGDM in Annamalai University. Both these universities are Recognised by WES. My doubt is that will 1 year PGDM be taken as 1 year Diploma or just a 1 year Study.
    Kindly reply.
  11. Hi,

    I am in a same situation right now, exhausted and frustrated what was your result eventually. What did you do? Even my university claims that they haven’t received any verification email or post from WES so far. It’s been 4months now.
    Please if you let me know what you did to overcome this turmoil.
  12. Hi,

    Iam in a same situation right now? How did you managed to sort this problem out?
    Please let me know.
  13. Hi can you let me know the contact details to help in the verification
  14. Please check your inbox! Hope this helps.
  15. Hi. Kindly provide me the contact person's details.

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