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Soft Landing + Immigration Rules

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by _Harry_, May 30, 2018.

  1. Hi, Planning to travel to Toronto in the first week of September. Is it okay if I go there for 2-3 days to apply for PR card and then return to the US?
  2. Sure people do 2-3 day landings all the time although note you will need a Canadian address for your PR card and when being interviewed by CBSA no need to volunteer you are doing a soft landing unless asked.
  3. Hello,

    thanks in advance for your time.

    Please can you clarify if my husband (he's landing for the first time in Canada after receiving his COPR) will need to have his own photos with him for the PR card....or do they do the photos at the airport? we are confused about this.

    Also, is it acceptable to come with certified copies of our birth certificates and marriage certificates? as this landing will be a soft one and we will be returning to Canada in April 2020 for our full move, don't want to be worried about losing originals on this shor
  4. The photo on the COPR document is used, unless it doesn't meet the specifications. You don't need to bring birth or marriage certificates for the landing process.
  5. Hi,

    I am planning to book a return flight from US to India via Toronto(Layover 6 hours). I have COPR. Question is : Can i do soft landing in canada in my layover time and board the onward flight to India.?
  6. Theoretically you can, but it depends on how busy it is at the airport and how long the landing proceedings will take. I soft landed in the evening and there wasnt a long waiting line and so the process was done in about half an hour. Also do you have a Canadian adress where they can send your PR card?
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  7. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I don't have a canadian address yet. But i am planning to give my cousin's address. I hope that will work.
  8. That will work, they dont check who the adress belongs to, if you're comfortable sending it there then go ahead.
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    If you are flying with Air Canada, United, another Star Aliiance airline, or Emirates and arriving and departing in Terminal 1, follow the signs for Arrivals, and do not follow signs to your connecting (E) gate. There are multiple Primary Inspection Lines in Terminal 1, but to do your landing you'll need to present yourself at the main one so that they may send you to secondary. (The other PILs are for Int'l to Int'l connections and Int'l to Domestic connections).

    Also, if flying only through Terminal 1, your bags will be through-checked to India. If you have any goods to declare as part of your landing, you may not be able to present them for inspection so you would have to have a goods to follow list on your landing.

    If flying into or out of Terminal 3 or connecting between terminals at all, there's only one route to take (and you'll have to collect bags).

    Also note, that if coming back into Canada; even if you're connecting, you'll need to present a PRTD or a PR Card to the airline before you board. Once you land, you'll have all the paperwork you need to apply for these documents, but a PR Card can only be received in Canada.
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  10. Hello Evdm, it's good to see you here again.
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  11. Thanks, I've been lurking (and posting) occasionally since landing in Canada last August. Coming up on my 1-year anniversary as a PR :)
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  12. Nice! My 1 year anniversary will be coming October. I hope your settlement in Canada went well and that youre growing accustomed to your new home.
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  13. Hi all, sorry for the late update..I received PPR on 17th Aug.

    Aor 27th dec
    Rprf request 16th July
    VO Ottowa
    Need some help, 1. My passport expires on april end 2020. If i renew my passport, will visa on old passport be considered valid?
    2. If i can't stay long enough for issuance of pr card, can a relative carry it and bring to to me later?

    Thanks in advance. Wishing everyone ppr soon. It will come, hang in there.

  14. See here: https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/renewed-passport-after-copr.650127/

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