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Soft Landing + Immigration Rules

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by _Harry_, May 30, 2018.

  1. Has Canada changed the rules for soft landing (single one time entry)? Do I need to obtain PR card to leave the country now?

    Please confirm -

    Can I do soft landing in Canada (for 2-3 days), apply for PR card (and Maybe SIN + Bank account + SIM etc) and then leave Canada without obtaining PR card (which will be mailed to a Canadian address I mentioned on my landing) or I need to reside inside Canada for a month or so, obtain PR card first now and only then I can leave the country?
  2. No you can do a soft landing. Only need a PR card to enter the Canada. You should probably sort out your mobile phone stuff when you settle permanently in Canada. Also don't sign up for healthcare until you move permanently. It's not on your list but thought I would mention that. Some people try to sort out their drivers license but not necessary. Best of luck.
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  3. Thank you so much!
  4. Is there any official immigration webpage providing information on this?
    Is there a way I can confirm this from CIC website as well?
  5. There isn't really an official site that I know of that details this.

    Canada grants PR status to people because it wants those individuals to come to Canada, settle, and contribute to Canadian society. I don't think it's going to publish a guide on how to come to Canada as a PR, just to turn around and leave again.

    Once you land you are a PR.
    As a PR you have the right to enter and leave Canada freely.
    To board a plane to Canada, a PR requires a PR Card or a PRTD.
    PR Cards can only be obtained in Canada and will not be sent abroad.
    To apply for a SIN number, you need a valid PR Card, though you can use a CoPR for the first year since landing.
    A PR must be physically present in Canada at least 730 days in a rolling 5-year period.
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  6. Thank you.
    So a person can land and initiate PR process and then return (in couple of days) without actually possessing a physical PR card.
    Basically a person don't need a PR card while going OUT of Canada. It's only if a person is coming IN, the PR card or PRTD is needed.
    Please correct me if I am wrong.
  7. Correct, mostly.

    You can also come in to Canada without a PR Card or a PRTD, because as a PR you have the right to enter Canada. A CBSA officer has tools at their disposal to verify your status, the PR Card or a PRTD make it easier for them.

    It's getting to Canada that's the issue. Commercial carriers such as airlines, trains, and bus companies to Canada will (should) not let you board if you cannot show a PR Card or a PRTD. They risk heavy fines if they do. Therefore, if you want to fly (most common mode of transport) directly to Canada you need to show your PR Card or a PRTD to the check-in agent before you get on the plane.

    The PR Card is not your status, it's a travel document much like your passport. To a border officer or airline staff member it shows that you are a PR, but without it, or if it expires you are still a PR, it just becomes more difficult to prove.
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  8. Thank you again for detailed reply.
    I am not able to wrap my head around the last comment though.
    If my PR card expires, am I still a PR? How can I be a PR if the only proof of me being PR expires?
  9. Your PR Card is not your only proof of you being a PR.

    When you land, your CoPR will be stamped and returned to you. This document also serves as evidence of your PR Status and once stamped it never expires, so keep it safe!

    IRCC will also be able to issue you a verification of your status should you ever lose the CoPR. Therefore, they maintain a database of who is a PR, which can also be accessed by CBSA officials.

    Here's more info on a government site: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/new-immigrants/pr-card/understand-pr-status.html

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  10. I see. That was informative. Didn't know about that!:eek:
  11. A PR card is a "travel document", just like your passport is.
    When your passport expires, you don't cease to be a citizen. Same principle for PR cards.
  12. And that news my friend told me about having the PR card after soft landing (while leaving Canada), Is it a false news?
  13. I'm not sure what you mean but you do NOT need to have a PR card to leave Canada. Your friend or family member can courier it to you later.
    I only stayed in Canada for about 4 days after my soft landing. My family couriered the card to me by FedEx.
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  14. You will need an address in Canada to receive the PR Card. You don't have to personally sign for it, but IRCC will not send a PR card outside of Canada.

    As mentioned, you're free to travel out of Canada as you wish without having a PR Card.
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  15. Hello,

    you have mentioned that we should apply for health card until we move permanently, I did a soft landing last month and got my healthcard as well as suggested by another friend but will there be any implication on Tax returns? or any other?

    Appreciate your response.



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