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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. R u from Karachi? I will also apply in coming days.
    How much was ur score?
    My score is 60 with spouse. Enough??
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    I am from Lahore. For scores you better check online calculators available or cic site for guidance.This forum is for those who are in Federal part of Pr Application after getting CSQ from Quebec. Try to find appropriate forum for updated and relevant information.

    Good Luck!!
  3. Awesome! Congrats for your new start :)
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  4. Hello members!!
    I am planning to land on Montreal after January. I just need help from you regarding csq certificate. Because of file misplaced I had to send my csq certificate twice so I don't have original csq certificate.
    I asked midi for csq certificate and they send me duplicate certificate and it was for me only( principal applicant) .
    I doubt do this duplicate certificate works?
    I do have 3 dependents but midi did not send csq for them.
    My counslant told us no need to worry about csq certificate as we have csq no in our documents.
    Please guide me on this matter.
  5. Hi there,
    I think on the CSQ its already mentioned how much dependent/s u have. Therefore its of no importance for further CSQs for each of your dependent individually.
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  6. Weekend is over, A new week where cic/VO resumes work! Good luck everyone :)
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  7. Alleluiah! Im still waiting for the official PPR and after My file being transferred to my local VO for finalization. Good luck to all of us!!
  8. I no longer trust anyone in this world
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  9. after 23 months me too:(:(:(
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  10. How long does it take that IRCC to update my address information?
    It has been 12 days since I updated my address (residence & mailing & contact number) via Webform.
    Normally on their website, it says that the address change process takes 5 business days.
    I could not call them because phone calls from outside of Canada is not working anymore.
    Any ideas ?
  11. Pray my brothers :) we are all in this together and no matter how long it takes, we Will definitely taste the maple syrup and coldest winter ever in a near future :)
  12. Use another web form, they will reply within 5 days. Make sure you select the correct criteria when raising the webform.
  13. Oh, how do you know when they send your file to VO ?
  14. Good question. They told me when I called CIC and on ECAS it changes from In Process to Application Received again. On my case, it was Application Received for two days and went back to In Process, where according to them a sign of IP2 or IN PROCESS 2.. an indication Of incoming PPR!!

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