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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Congratulations. May I ask two questions:

    1. Are you an inland or outland applicant?
    2. How much time did you get to land in Quebec?
  2. Hello, I'm new here
    Currently I'm in my 16th month (counted from AOR)
    No MR yet! No PRPF yet!
    Is there any one else in this situation!!!!!!!
    What should I do to accelerate my process?
    Thanks for your advices on advance
  3. BTW I am inland applicant
    I'm currently in QUEBEC
  4. I guess no one can accelerate its processing time. if only we could, we can wish its just a month to avoid any anxieties with waiting for PPR.
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  5. Thanks for your reply
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  6. Hello Martin,
    Me also im almost on my 16th month but no MR and as per ECAS, my application has stucked on APPLICATION RECEIVED.
    Well i can understand my situation since i have added a non-accompanying dependent and IRCC has updated my account in February 2019.
    My friends who sent their documents on the same date received their MR in October 2019.....
    Lets hope the best......
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  7. One of my friend got his MR on his 20th month.
    Once more, i think that it varies in accordance to the officer responsible to treat our application and the whole process.
    Im a Public Officer working AT the Ministry of Health.....my superiors are well-satisfied and contented with my work...no backlog....no pending
    While my friends cannot adopt and follow my pace of work....
    This is human nature
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  8. I know ur feeling. while, that's very normal to wait 17-20 month with nothing news, for most of people, the same situation.
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  9. Thanks guys for your comforting comments
    I wish the best for all of us
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  10. *****************************************************
    I am outland Applicant and still in COPR process .Once I will get COPR will post here.

    Thanks Lawrence.
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  11. Dear All,

    last week , 03/10/2019,I have send my passports for COPR and still waiting .

    the only am worried is that if i get a short term COPR expiry i won't be able to land in QUEBEC and it is only in FEB 2020 .
    I have done my med on 18/10/2018 and it will be expired shortly this year .
    is someone can give me an idea of the COPR validity period .

  12. SO passed his medicals!!! they updated his file on ECAS/GCKey that he passed them / they received the results. But they just added one more month to his processing timeline... sigh!!! Says Feb 2020 now when a few days ago it was Jan 2020. In process since March 2018. Makes it 23 months.
  13. Nothing you can do. My SO (inland applicant) received his medical request in his 17th month. So it's not unusual - par for the course really.... unfortunately.
  14. hi,

    my medical will be expired shortly this month , may be 20/10/2019 . they have requested me my passports for COPR . I want to know what is the expiry for COPR or how much time they us to land .
  15. Hi every body,
    I would like to share the phases I have gone through.

    Today I received PPR email. its 22nd month.

    We are family of 5, belongs to Pakistan.
    App Dec 2017
    AOR Feb 2018
    Addition Docs Aug 2018
    Pre arrival email March 20119
    Medicals req Sep 2019
    Med done Sep 17, 2019
    Med received of ecas Oct 4 2019
    Decision Made Oct 10, 2019
    PPr email Oct 11, 2019.

    one of my family member has VSD issue. I received a Furtherance letter for more detailed medical opinion. gone through it successfully within 10 days and finally PPr.

    thanks for your continuous support and encouragement. one word PATIENCE. I wish best of luck to every one on this wonderful forum.

    with Love.
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