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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,
    As we don't have any topic specially for federal stage of quebec skilled worker program, I am starting this new one.
    So ask as many questions as you can and answer as many as you can, NO LIMITS ;D
    Please share your timelines for federal stage and lets eliminate curiosity of others.

    For me I've recently got CSQ and will apply for federal as soon as I have all the documents.
  2. Nice one there. I applied for federal and docs received after csq on April 22 2015 till now no infos.
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  3. Its taking 3-4 months to get AOR and medical request. What is your current country of residence ?
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  4. Wow
    Great topic
    Just got my csq too and preparing docs for federal
  5. congratulations ssassylady. me too preparing documents.
    when do you think you will send your application ?
  6. My country of residence is south korea
  7. i think processing time for south korea is 11 months, so by my estimation u will get AOR & medical request within this month.
  8. I sent my federal package on2 may and is expected to reach Nova Scotia in 3 weeks
  9. good luck mate.
  10. All right now its the time to fill out forms for federal, so my questions are as follows,

    1. which CSQ number we use in IMM008 ? (Individual reference number or file number )

    2. Do we need to show any funds in bank ?

    3. Do we notary attest the photocopies ? (like birth certificate etc)

    4. Do we send the file by regular mail or courier ?

    5. I want to pay the fees by credit card which is fine i guess or is there is other preferred option ? (like bank draft)
  11. Hi quebec100!

    Although I have not yet reached the federal stage I have a query.I just want to know whether prior to you receiving the CSQ if you received any letter from quebec immigration informing that you are on wait list for Interview? reason I'm asking is because I've just received a mail informing me I'm on a wait list for interview and I just want to know what my chances are of receiving a CSQ in the mail without having to attend the interview. :)
  12. Thank you for this thread.

    I got my csq lOct 2014, got delayed submitting my pr application because I renewed my passport it took me almost 2 months to get it done. Anyway, the CIO in Nova Scotia received my pr application February 23, 2015 but until now no AOR. Done email inquiries, no reply yet. It's been more than three months. Is there anyone there near my timeline who has gotten an AOR or MR?
  13. No I didn't receive a mail like that. I have never heard that if anyone got csq directly after receiving this kind of mail confirming that they are on waiting list for interview. so i would say prepare for interview.
  14. dude..... you've got to be kidding me.
  15. what is your country of residence ?

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