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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  3. Thanks very much Quebec100. Wishing all if us goodluck.
  4. Tks
  5. Hello ..
    I'm from Lebanon too .. I am posting this to help others ..
    I sent my federal application 3 month 3 weeks ago and yet didn't receive the file number or my medical exams ..
    Hope to receive something from them the coming week (on the 17th I'll be waiting for 4 months) ..

    PS: my file is priority because of my major ,.. I am a computer scientist!

  6. Did you apply it by yourself or through lawyer ?
    And priority in CSQ is different thing. When you are applying for federal it doesn't make any difference if your AOT is 0 OR 16. The only thing which differentiate processing time is country of residence.
  7. Hi,

    I sent my federal application to CIC 4 months ago after having CSQ. Until now, I did not receive any information from them. I did not know why they proceed all federal applications under QSW so slow and long at the present. My visa office is Singapore. The processing time has been increased from 18 months to 36 months updated in last Feb. Does anyone know the reason ? Please advise. Thanks.
  8. 4 months, that is a long time to get AOR.
    Did you send your application by regular mail or courier ? Did you apply by yourself or through lawyer ?
    For this processing time increase for sure u can blame express entry.
    Before express entry any type of online visa application from within Canada took 1 month and now its more than 2 months.
  9. I am really disappointed with the such long time to get AOR which can not be accepted.
    I sent my application by courier using Fedex service and I applied through lawyer.
  10. Hi Folks,

    I am new here and I have a couple of doubts regarding CSQ. Please throw some light on them.

    1. If I have completed two years of studies and have got my CSQ via PEQ, should I stay in quebec till I get my federal PR stamped or can I move to other provinces.

    2. Also can I apply for PEQ from outside of Quebec. Assuming I complete my studies, work in ontario and then finish my B2 in french and then apply for PEQ?

    Please throw some light on whether it is mandatory to stay in quebec while the application is being processed.

  11. As you have post graduation working permit you can go anywhere to work but apply for federal from within Quebec, keep Quebec's address (you can always use your trustworthy friend's address) and even landing procedure do it in Quebec.
  12. Q

    Hey all nice thread...

    i applied my federal part after receiving CSQ on 27th of feb 2015.....it was thru my lawyer but till now not a thing.....i waited for 4 years for the CSQ...hope it doesn't take that long for PR...
    PS i live in Dubai and my lawyer is in canada.

    if somebody has any updates let us know

  13. No I applied that by myself .. the same office who helped me with my CSQ .. helped me fill the federal papers!

  14. eddyoueini .. it doesn't matter if that was through a lawyer or not .. you are close to my federal application ..
    I sent mine in 12 Feb by aramex and they received my package on Feb 18 .. I'm waiting since then their AOR.

  15. Hi,
    In Section 19. Remarque of the CSQ i have the following

    COde 130. Dossier vise par traitement prioritaire - domaine de formation

    What does this mean?

    Thanks & Regards,

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