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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. i think you can't apply for Open permit in Quebec even if you have AOR
  2. This is question is for information related to one of my friend...

    CAN we apply for express entry after receiving PEQ?
  3. i don't think so

    You must use Express Entry if you want to apply:

    under the Federal Skilled Worker Program,
    under the Federal Skilled Trades Program,
    under the Canadian Experience Class, or
    as a provincial nominee, in some cases.

  4. Thanks Luc22 for sharing. It's good to know someone in a similar situation like me.

    In my case I'm not worried about getting another work permit, because eventually I want to pursue self-employment while living in Quebec. I'm more concerned about inadvertently violating my legal status. For instance, when you are on a work permit you are only allowed to stay in the country for the duration of that permit. If you want to stay beyond that duration, you are supposed to apply for extension, etc. Does this situation change if one has obtained CSQ from Quebec?

    HossamHamed, even though you can't apply for open work permit, you can apply for another closed work permit for new employer if you have obtained Quebec CSQ. I believe I read that in the letter that accompanied my CSQ. I think that's what Luc22 meant.
  5. yes you can apply with csq but still closed permit, good luck.
  6. If you go to CIC website and start questionnaire for a new application, answer yes for the question in which they ask you "have you applied for permanent residency and ...... (something like that) and if you are living in Canada. In the end they will tell you that "You may apply for OPEN WORK PERMIT".

  7. this only for Federal , Quebec is different :(
  8. I will tell u tonight if its only for federal. Coz i guess before completing the questionnaire we have to answer which province we want to live in. So if u select quebec and it still gives u option for open work permit, means its not only for fsw.
  9. please check http://www.immigration-quebec.gouv.qc.ca/en/immigrate-settle/temporary-workers/stay-quebec/application-csq/workers-peq/after-csq.html
  10. I completed the eligibility questions , there is a question about which province if you put QC it will still give you the option to apply for Open work permit.
    Contrary to the information on CIC website where they state the conditions to apply for OPW if you already applied for PR , Quebec Skilled worker category is excluded and i think Hossam is referring to that section ...
  11. Well the thing is it will give u option to apply open work permit if your status is visitor. If your status is worker it will not give u option of open work permit.
    So if somebody wants to get open work permit and have closed working permit, he/she can change the status to visitor (if there work permit is expiring soon) and then apply open work permit when 1st stage of federal is completed.

    Hossam is not wrong but not completely right either.
  12. i'll so happy if what aim saying is wrong :)
  13. It's vague,, when I first started to think of the Open work permit option and after reading all related info on CIC website, i concluded that it is not for Quebec applicants as Hossam stated.
    Then, I tried the eligibility questionnaire , and it gave me the option of OPW,, FYI, there is a question regarding my current status and I put WORKER (not visitor) and still getting the option to apply for an Open work permit...

    in case i don't have a job offer and an employer who can wait 2 months for my Work permit , i am going to apply for an Open work permit (once AOR received) and will share the outcome on this thread.. Prior to that, i am going to consult my immigration lawyer and will keep you posted.
    On another hand, my current work permit will expire in Oct 2015, can you give me your opinion on the options i have (other than closed work permit and the OPW trial ::)) to avoid leaving Canada until getting PR ..
  14. yes if u share ur experience m sure A LOTTTT of people will get benefit from this.
    other option like i have said apply for visitor visa or get a study permit for a french course.
  15. Just another inland application timeline. My friend living in Montreal (originally from South Korea)
    Got CSQ - Oct 2014
    Federal application sent - Nov 2014
    AOR received - March 2015

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