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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. I meant which form in the application that allows us to select the VISA office? I read somewhere from past posts in this forum it was question #4 in the generic application form IMM 0008, but I couldn't find this question in the newly downloaded generic form!! Am I missing something, or the form has been updated?
  2. i had this "IMM-0008-ENU (2014-06).pdf", Q4 , {immigration office requested for processing this application}
  3. yes you are right, i can't see Q4 in new form "IMM0008ENU_2D"
  4. So, I guess then it is selected automatically to be the VISA office in the current country of residence, isn't it?
  5. they will have two choices home country or residence country
  6. Hi All,

    Please be informed that I have just received my AOR.

    Application received by CIC : 11 Feb 2015
    AOR received : 17 Jun 2015
  7. Hi All,

    Submitted by Federal application... Wait for AOR begins :-(

  8. CONGRATS Lumiere .. they received my federal package on February 18 (4 months sharp) .. so hopefully I will receive the AOR soon as well!
    Can you provide more details about the AOR .. is it just an email with your Federal number? or they are asking you also to do the medicals and send them the results?

  9. The Best of luck AMR2011 ..
    We will receive it all soon .. Pray to god

  10. congratulation, you will receive MR soon.
  11. Hello,

    Does this 4 months to open the file are considered from the processing time?

  12. Hey all ..

    I received yesterday my AOR after my last post in here ;D .. so it took 4 month sharp to receive that ..
    My federal package was received by Nova Scotia on 18 February 2015 and I received my AOR on 18 June 2015 ..
    Hopefully I'll receive my MR shortly.
    Good luck to ALL.


  14. Congrats ThunderBird11. In which country do you reside?
  15. Thank you mmquebec .. I'm from Lebanon ;)
    Good luck to you and everyone else ..


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