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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Mabrouk , Congrats Thunderbird..
    My application was received at Nova Scotia on March 4th 2015, so I should expect AOR once completing 4 months as this the case with most applicants of 2015. another 2 weeks :)
  2. Hi All,

    Are you receiving the AOR by post or e-mail?

    What does this mean? Is the medicals also accompanied with this?

    So, once we receive the Medicals then again submit... then wait for Passport request along with RPRF fee... right...

    which means, if receive a reqeust after medicals.. then it is confirmed...

    is my assumption right

    Thanks & Regards,
  3. Congratulations to you too. We are in the same period and continue waiting for MR.
  4. Sir ,
    i submitted my application since june 2011 and till now i didnt go throw to the interview.
    i have just been notified that i am waiting the interview to be scheduled. do you have any information regarding this?
    also i need to practice for the interview, how can i? thanks

    what else and how long is remaining?

  5. How many of you are willing to join Whatsapp if we start one.. Interested people please share your number.. so that i can see, if we can afford to start it.
  6. I am interested in the wattsapp, this way we can keep abreast with each in real time.
  7. Yep this is right Lumiere :D
    Let's keep this up to date .. I think we should receive our MR in 3 month (September) then our Visas at the end of this year ..
    So we should be in Canada starting March 2016 because I am not planning in any way to go to Canada in Fall :p :p
    Good luck to ALL

  8. Hello didoss .. When it comes to preparing your Interview then there are tons of websites which give you a lot of guidance ..
    As of me, I prepared a word document with about 80 questions .. ALL in French and I memorized the answers :p ..
    So basically you can prepare different questions and answers about your life, your work experience, the job market in Quebec, political questions about Quebec etc.

  9. Did anyone try the Placement International so far? Was there any response? Do you thing it is worth the effort we take in registering and applying on this site?
  10. Hi to all
    AOR received today ( Meds and Police clearance not requested yet) .. I am currently in Montreal ,, application received by CIC on March 4th.. almost 3 months + 21 days.. Will apply now for OPW before the expiry of my Closed Work permit in Oct 2015 .. in previous posts, we discussed about the eligibility for OPW for QC after getting AOR, will try and keep you posted .
    Good luck
  11. I'm in the same boat. Applied on May 27th, so I will have the results in 2 minutes months max. I'm 99% sure that it's not going to work out since it is a glitch in their system which makes the wizard lead you to BOWP. QSW applicants aren't eligible. In any case we can always drive to Lacolle and get our new work permit at the border (given that you are from a visa-exempt country or in possession of a TRV).
  12. Hi Guy,

    How long did it take to get your medical request? I received my AOR on June 12th still haven't heard anything?! Please advise. Thanks!!!
  13. Hi everybody!

    In 2013 I applied for a tourism visa to visit Canada. At that time I forgot to mention on the form that in 2006 I had an entry (tourism) denied by England for failing to meet the requirements that they asked at the time. I arrived at London's airport and had to go back home.

    Now at the federal stage of my immigration process thru Quebec I have decided to mention this fact because I do not want to omit anything from them.

    The question is, will I be penalized for having forgotten to mention this information in 2013, when I took my tourist visa to Canada?

    Thank you all
  14. How many of you are willing to join Whatsapp if we start one.. Interested people please share your number.. so that i can see, if we can afford to start it.

    my number is 18763129866
  15. Hello Every body

    i am veterinarian wishing to immigrate to Canada

    can i apply for immigration to quebec or is should equalize my degree first at my country ??

    hope i can apply for the immigration and equalize my degree at canada

    thanks in advance

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