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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Congrats to everyone who has gotten AOR for Federal stage and prayers for those who are waiting.

    Here is my timeline after CSQ.

    Federal application received by Nova Scotia: 25th February 2015.
    AOR received: 26th June 2014. (precisely 4 months as expected)

    Hoping to get Medical request soon.

    For friends who got their AOR. Everyone please post if they have received Medical request yet?

  2. Hello Luc, I have exactly same timeline as you, federal application received on 3rd March and AOR on 24th, since our timeline are close, lets keep ourselves updated on further notice like medicals and PPR
  3. Hi Coolio
    Yes sure .. Are you in Canada ?
  4. Yes I am in canada, AB
  5. just received mail to pay RPRF fees, i can't wait PPR mail .....
  6. Congrats Hossam,
    Things are moving quickly in your timeline,, Good luck
  7. thanks a lot, hopefully PPR by next month..
  8. Hi friends,
    Anyone(well known about federal part after CSQ) please help me regarding the following matter ASAP:

    My lawer said me that I have to apply for federal with the following documents only:
    1. Selected forms
    2. Documents : a) Bank Draft for federal fees (for 3 persons CND$1250 = me+spouse+child), b) Police Clearance certificate (me+spouse)

    Is it ok or any other documents should be attached?????
  9. You might wanna attach your CSQ with that... ;)
  10. Hello everyone! I would be really thankful if you could help me with the following. I applied for CSQ single, received it a few days ago. Me and my partner are planning to get married in 2 months. Can I still send the documents to federal department (I will indicate that I am married already, though at the time of the interview I was not), receive federal visa for myself only, land in Quebec and sponsor my husband to bring him to Quebec? Or I might get visa rejection, as I was single and now married? Who had the same situation? Thanks
  11. The person who interviewed me when I got my CSQ told me that I need to apply again for CSQ if I get married for both of us to be evaluated together. So, I suspect that you PR application will be returned to you to do that.
  12. There is a checklist to which documents and forms you need to submit. You can find it at the following link the first document:

  13. Anyone has filed the PR application recently and used the forms where we cannot select the VISA office at which the application will be processed?
  14. Well, I didn't see any field where I could choose the visa office in my forms.
  15. So, how the VISA office will be chosen in this case?

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