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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Security: Not Started
    - not a good sigh, I hope they will start soon. The system is too many files for the workforce they have, cause by the large numbers of CSQs issued by Quebec. I guess you are out land applicant !?
  2. my timeline is same (Estimated completion date: September 30, 2019) and my SC started AUG and is in process:mad::mad:
  3. Yes, I'm an outland applicant. Is it meant like CIC gives preference to inland applicants?
  4. My SC started in Aug aswell. Do you have any idea how long SC takes?
  5. Hi Guys,

    Finally I got email today from CIC IRCC for submitting passport request and COPR Processing.

    And my time line is when I am in 17th Month currently.

    Before my medical expired on OCT 26 2019 I got email for Ready for Visa.. and DM.

    My time line is below
    Application received - July 5th 2018
    AOR - AUG 25th 2018
    Started Processing - OCT17th 2018
    Payment Made RPRF - OCT 23rd 2018
    Medical passed and done - OCT26th 2018.
    Ready for Visa and DM - OCT8th 2019.

    Thanks guys for your support and All the best to everyone …...
  6. Processing time Increased 1 more month.
  7. Oh no, almost two years to process a file, how much will they check about us :) we are common people.
  8. Good people always suffer because of bad people,

    To be honest! I don't blame CIC, Recently I have seen lots of people who are not eligible for PR but still they are here in Canada, They can't even speak English forget about French!

    I am sure there is no need to explain how they got PR? :D which also answers why CIC needs lots of time to check everyone, plus shitty politics and elections are addons!
  9. Express Entry takes only 6 months. Its just Quebec.
  10. Are you also working as a Military or a Police enforcer? What does your GCKEY stated today? Thanks!
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    Nope, I'm just lucky, but I have a massive travel history. GCKEY says that 20% of the cases are more complicated and they need more time to process them. Just an excuse that they started proceeding the case really late.

    The background checks differ from person to person. Each application is evaluated separately and mostly the background checks are completed in 1–2 months time frame in general. It can take as low as one week or as much as a year or more.

    No, you don't how bad Quebec is organized, it can be extreme :D

    And since the proceeding time is 23 months now I'm again, for 3rd time within the limits :)
  12. Hey Tarun!!!
    Did you also submitted your medical with application or this is for the first time you will submit medical ..
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    By God's grace, today I got medical request & RPRF payment request.
    For reference, my timeline is in the signature..
  14. Not needed, if you have received your CSQ already.
  15. Hi there, as you can see in my signature, I submitted my application in Oct 2018 and received the medical request in Oct 2019.

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